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Name: Kelly Lundberg

Business: StyleMeDivine, style consulting

Industry: Coaching & Consulting, Clothing & Accessories 

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Reason for starting: I had taken time out of a career in retail, travelled the world, built up life experiences and was considering my next career move. In one of the many conversations that I had with my passengers (I was working as cabin crew with Emirates), it occurred to me then how amazing it would be if I could turn that advice into a full time job and to be paid for the service that I had been so readily advising Emirates travellers for. The idea planted a seed, and it started to grow and has now evolved into a burgeoning business, Fashioning Style Globally, offering personal styling advice as well as retail and stylist training.

It’s not possible to single out men or women as my preferred clients to style, I just love styling! For women there are endless creative opportunities in order to meet with their varied lifestyles. They have a frequent need to update or modify their wardrobes so you can easily mix and match high street with designer. Women are invariably more open to be influenced to change their looks. My experience has taught me that men instinctively decide much more quickly than women if they like something or not and, very often, when they do find something they like, they will buy more than one, in different colors. The media plays a significant role when it comes to men’s fashion, and you can see that transcending through to men, who are now much more fashion savvy than their counterparts of say even a couple of years ago.

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How do you define success? I used to equate success to financial gain. In hindsight, that was a young naive approach to life. Success for me is not what you have, it is enjoying the journey you have. More eloquently said by the late Maya Angelou: “Success is liking yourself, like what you do and how you do it.”

Biggest Success: There have been many, perhaps the most significant delivering a signed copy of my published book to my English teacher, who 14 years prior told me I would never pass higher English…

StyleMeDivine is turning 10 this year. In September, I will be celebrating in style by officially opening the doors and looking for like-minded stylists to join our team. We launch our first international style associate in the home of styling ‘LA’ in October. As the next step to Fashioning Style Globally inspiring and empowering women to follow their dreams in the world of fashion and styling.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? As an entrepreneur there have been many! Being my own boss rather than an employee was the first adjustment I had to make. I had to learn to plan and work that plan, it’s all too easy to forget to set aside time to work on a business, not in it. Blocking off time to do the things that are most needed and that would add value and increase revenue streams rather than dilute. Early on in my start up, I spent a huge amount of time participating on unfocused networking in disciplines that brought in no return, looking back I could have used my time more wisely. I had to learn to say no more often, my natural desire is to be able to help everyone. The greatest challenge of all has been not to expect overnight success. I recently read “It takes 10 years to be an overnight success”… so I’m nearly there 🙂

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Who is your most important role model? So tough, there is a wealth of talent, and it can be less than easy to pick out just one role model. I am an avid reader and love autobiographies, as you can learn so much. If I had to single out just one role model, it would Diane von Furstenberg (DVF). She credits her mother’s influence in her life — as I do mine — and teaching her that “fear is not an option.” That’s a great mantra for many an entrepreneur. DVF is perhaps best known for introducing the iconic knitted jersey wrap dress, but her story is so much more than just about fashion. Continually reinventing her company, it is now a global luxury lifestyle brand offering four complete collections a year, is available in over 70 countries and has over 45 freestanding shops worldwide. I love the fact that her designs can be worn by all ages and not just celebrities, which makes it a stylists’ dream when dressing my many clients. Her recent TV series has been a great hit, and even today she remains super hands-on with all her brands. Now that’s some accolade and definitely a worthy role model!

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