From the corporate world to the realm of entrepreneurship, Eva Muraya is one of Kenya’s leading businesswomen. After working in the corporate world for 15 years she founded Brand Strategy & Design, a brand, strategy and design agency in Kenya. Muraya has been recognized in both her community and internationally for her business leadership and innovation. She has won numerous awards including the Goldman Sachs Fortune Global Leaders Award.

In an interview with Ventures Africa, an online African business publication, Muraya said, “If in any economy of the world women do not have access to technical capacity and markets, then that economy is lopsided. Winning those awards has given me the opportunity to be included in global conversations that will define the future generations of women and how they will play economics.” We applaud her for her dedication to empowering women and for all that she has achieved.

Her advice to Africa’s women entrepreneurs is a good reminder for entrepreneurs everywhere:

“There is nothing you will gain from not working hard. If you want to be successful, then you have to work hard and whilst at it…work smart! Of course it is also alright to fail. In fact, it is a glorious thing to fail. You are better for tomorrow. History has shown that every successful business leader did fail at some point before dusting off the failure to embrace success.”

Watch an interview of Eva Muraya about how being a widowed, single parent entrepreneur empowered her to build a community of entrepreneurs in Kenya.