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Name: Kriti Ashish

Business: KAAJ Designs

Location: Jodhpur, India

Industry: Apparel & Accessories

Reason for starting? As a designer, I started a label called KAAJ that includes a wide range of fashion designs, all sorts of home-furnishing products for men, women and kids. The apparel design represents the unique cultural heritage of our city, Jodhpur, and a 1000-year-old technique called bagru and tie and dye. It’s my dream to build a brand for the world which sets new trends, not just for investors or higher society but for everyone. I hope that these ancient fabric techniques will be preserved. The hard work of artisans should be accessible to the world, and consumers should be able to purchase organic clothes and soothing fabrics.

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How do you define success? To me success with its own avenues is an art, and every successful being is an artist. In this world we have to build an economic ideology that works for all. Success is only when one attains new ideas to bring to new future generations to become trendsetters.

Biggest success: I have recently started my own label, although I worked for seven years in the field designing. Its my dream to design for normal people and that every house should wear KAAJ.

What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? In a post-recession world, being in a small city designing valuable products is next to impossible. We’ve also had many strategy fails, issues with funding and issues training workers.

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Who is your most important role model? For me Rosalia Mera, the founder of Zara clothing, is my role model.


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