Thanksgiving is going to be anything but normal this year. For many, that means no large, boisterous gatherings with friends and family. No sharing plates of food. No marathon Black Friday shopping expeditions. 

That said, staying home doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the holiday together.

Whether you live alone or with family, we recommend that you get festive and make the most of the holidays at home — keeping in mind CDC guidelines to either celebrate virtually or practice social distancing. But while you’re at it, you can patronize your local women-led businesses, who likely need your support this year more than ever.

It’s especially vital to spread joy (and delicious food!) this year. Here are some last-minute items you can gather locally this season:


Jennifer Prezioso, granddaughter of Moe the Butcher, who is running Albanese Meats and Poultry in New York City. (Credit: Victoria Flexner)

For the meat-eaters, there’s no Thanksgiving without turkey. While we may lack the motivation to whip up an extravagant meal, a small but true-to-heart dinner might lift the family’s spirits. It’s not too late to dial your local butcher and request a bird. At TSE, we’re getting our Thanksgiving goodies from Albanese Meats and Poultry, whose owner, local legend ‘Moe the Butcher,’ died in April from Covid-related complications. The meat market is now run by Moe’s granddaughter, Jennifer Prezioso.

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Farm-Fresh Produce

Amber Waves Farmer's Market'Thanksgiving Vegetable Box' (Credit: Amber Waves Market)
 (Credit: Amber Waves Market)

Whatever your diet, fruits and veggies are likely to make the cut on your Thanksgiving menu. Opt for fresh produce from your local farmer’s market — your support is crucial this year. We’re looking at the easy pick-up Thanksgiving Vegetable Box offered by the women-owned Amber Waves Market. From Long Island cheese pumpkins to butternut squash and onions, this $125 vegetable box covers all our nutritional needs.


Janie's Cakes
(Credit: Janie’s Cakes)

What’s Thanksgiving without dessert? Tedious! Look to your local bakery or pie shop to complete your at-home Thanksgiving menu. One example is Janie’s Cakes of Tyler, Texas, which offers a mouth-watering selection of pound cakes to satisfy your sweet tooth. Some Thanksgiving best-sellers include the “Italian Jane,” full of buttercream and topped with toasted pecans, and the “Saucy Jane,” infused with chocolate sauce and topped with chocolate shavings. 


If you’re one of the many who wish to perhaps *forget* this Thanksgiving, you can do so by supporting your local winery. Here’s an entire directory of nationwide women-owned wineries you can select from. One example is Poundstone Winery, founded by software engineering executive Melody Meckfessel at her Napa Valley farm. Her Chardonnay has won rave reviews

Table Linens 

(Credit: Rough Linen)

Just because there are only a few people at your table doesn’t mean you should skimp on presentation. After all, you still need Instagram content, right? Gather some good-quality linens that you can use for the rest of the holiday season — such as those made by sustainable company Rough Linen, founded by Tricia Rose. Or try your local women-owned decor shops for everything from placemats to napkins.


Candles can help set the mood for your low-key Thanksgiving dinner — and are easy to find at local boutiques or independent stores. One soy-wax candle to look for is made by Scent Germain — women-owned AND eco-friendly. Or, if you’re particularly cynical about the holidays this year, you might want to light this year on fire with the Malicious Women Co. ‘F*** 2020’ candle collection.

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(Credit: Floral Feels)

This year, many are opting to make the holidays with immediate family extra special to savor some feelings of normalcy. If that sounds like you, we suggest kicking it up a notch and showering your home with some floral decor. We are supporting Floral Feels NYC, a floral design company started by entrepreneur Eliza Iqbal, who is — full disclaimer! — this writer’s cousin. Many local florists take orders for Thanksgiving centerpieces up until the day before the holiday.