Laurie Schwarzrock, Livelonglivestrong, Coaching, Wellness, The Story ExchangeYour Name: Laurie Schwarzrock

Business Name: Livelonglivestrong, a wellness and lifestyle coaching service

Type of Business: Coaching & Consulting

Business Location: Bethel Island, California, United States

Reason for starting
To have the freedom to help people and be my own boss. Biggest reason. 1. To sell our ranch and be able to offer classes on CDs and DVDs to offer wellness seminars on body, mind, and soul mini-retreats to offer the tools to be well.

How do you define success?
Being able to enjoy your life whatever that looks like. To be able and help others out when needed. To be able and travel without thinking about money and ties.

Biggest Success
Sold coffee to corporate America from 1996-2001 biggest account 800 employees produced $8,000 a month, I was a happy girl. In 2000 I made $100,000 and loved the challenged, loved my life because it gave me freedom.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
To create a CD series and market them.

Who is your most important role model?
Charlie brewer, an old sales manager.