Lindsey Torres & Sara Morell-Vaughn NoMore
Lindsey Torres and Sara Morell-Vaughn were both sick. They were suffering from bouts of depression and general ill health. Miraculously, before they even met each other, they both managed to turn their lives around by approaching their health issues holistically. When Lindsey met Sara, she had already founded NoMore, an organic, non-toxic, wildcrafted body care line that puts an emphasis on educating and inspiring others to take control of their health. When the two finally met, they clicked, and Sara offered Lindsey the role of co-owner. Now the Round Rock, Texas based-pair are producing more than just healthy beauty care products, they’re giving talks, making podcasts, coaching and blogging – all in the name of holistic health.

Torres & Morell-Vaughn’s story, as told to The Story Exchange 1,000+ Stories Project:

Sara, our founder, wanted to help people change their lives and their health after buying skincare products that had toxic cancer causing chemicals in them. Sara was sick and suffering from bouts of depression and at the age of 17 was setting up to go on disability. It was then she had an awakening: she could turn her health around holistically, focusing not just on the physical aspect, but mental, emotional and spiritual as well. When I met Sara I knew immediately we were meant to work together, as did she. So we joined forces in NoMore! I had also been sick and depressed, and had completely changed my own life around in the same ways Sara did. We are deeply passionate about helping this beautiful Earth we reside on and NoMore is our vehicle to do so. We use all recyclable materials and plant a tree for each purchase. We also provide free holistic health education to inspire others to live their greatest lives!

Success to me is when you are in complete alignment with what lights your soul on fire. We are raised in a very fear-based way, emphasizing the importance of money and security. But money does not equal fulfilment. Money is a tool and a means as well as an exchange of energy. Success is an inner-world thing; not an outer one. Success means life feels great, like a flowing river. Success means you are living out the highest expression of yourself. It means you have created a life that satisfies your soul but that has you excited to get out of bed because you can’t wait for the day. Yet it also has you in deep gratitude for each single moment. Because you know where you’ve been and what it has taken to get to where you are today. It was all of those moments that led you here, with an inner world full of vitality, excitement and fulfilment.

My biggest success to date was listening to the call to move from Florida to Texas and finding Sara, my business partner, and saying YES to NoMore. I am married with two children so an out of state move was not easy. I had a deep feeling that Florida was a dead end for us and we had to get out. I also knew that Austin, Texas was where we needed to be. Despite the large hurdles that were thrown at us 30 days prior to our move, I knew more than I ever I had, to stay focused on the end goal which was to end up here in Texas. While I was terrified, I knew deep inside that saying yes to being a co-owner of NoMore with Sara was meant to happen. We were meant to work together to create something that only the two of us could. I say this story is my biggest success because it was my greatest test of faith and honoring my intuition. It has brought me the greatest fulfilment and feelings of alignment. That is what success is to me.

One of our main goals this year is to have 100 people join our monthly subscription program. We send one featured product plus offer live interactive coaching as well as many other benefits for a small monthly fee. Our goal is leverage and to make the most out of our time so that we can reach and help more people in our biggest mission and goal which is to help people take control of their health. Another big goal we have is to begin offering free workshops around Austin, Texas on holistic health related topics. Lastly, we would like to scale our business and hire a product mixer (the person who makes our products!) since we are doing that ourselves right now. We’d like our focus to be more on the first two, so having someone help us with the systemic things we already have in place would allow our time and energy to focus on getting out there.

Our current challenge would be marketing. It is a field that is constantly changing and marketing is not either of our strong suits. How we are addressing this, is through up-to-date education and networking with other women entrepreneurs in the same space. As a small business, spending a ton of money on marketing is not always feasible so figuring it out with trial and error as well as learning from others who have already been here is how we’ve been addressing our marketing challenges.

I have this deep desire to break all stigmas around women that we cannot earn as much as men, be as much as men or that we need to depend on men to support us. It may be one of my biggest driving forces; it leads me back to wanting to break generational cycles that have been limiting the women in my family so that my daughter knows she can create anything she desires out of life and make herself into whomever she believes she is. I want to be an example to girls and women all over that we can do and be anything.

OPRAH! I know she may be a cliche person to choose but her life is truly remarkable. I am in the middle of an hour long interview she did at Stanford where she’s been speaking about her life. For a black woman who came from what she did to where she is today is more inspiring than any other story I have ever heard. If she can do it, so can we. She talks a lot about listening to her intuition and leading with that. As well as saying no and walking away from things that did not serve her and creating great boundaries. She has made herself into exactly what she envisioned, overcoming every type of adversity and having literally all odds against her. She is a powerful role model of strength, character, manifestation and success.



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