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Name: Lindsey Whitaker

Business: The Prosperity Coach 

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

Industry: Professional Services 

Reason for starting? I originally began my coach training and business following a family bereavement. I started out originally as a success coach, however the more I worked with clients on their money issues, fears, beliefs and mindset the more I realised that this was my niche and speciality. It took me a little while but I came to realize that I had pretty much been thinking, feeling and behaving differently around money most of my life and that this had served me really well. I started working life as a nurse and I honestly felt just as prosperous then as I do now. I gave my money great leadership and direction whilst enjoying myself and being prosperous in the moment. I soon recognised that this was what I most wanted to help other female entrepreneurs with. That was when The Prosperity Coach was born and I began helping women to think, feel and behave differently around money whilst creating a prosperous life on their terms.

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How do you define success?
 Success to me is doing something that I’m passionate about and that helps to impact others in a positive way. For me personally its also about channeling that success whether it be monetary or otherwise in a way that is sustainable and in alignment with my core values and passions. For me success has never been a figure and this is something that I very much work through with clients as unfortunately there are a lot of women who attach their self worth and feelings of success to a number and I’d like to help to change that. I also feel that my personal mission and success has become more about legacy and impact going forward and that this has all grown into something much bigger than myself. I talk a lot about giving your money purpose and becoming a conscious spender so that the way you direct money becomes a reflection of your values and beliefs. I hope to leave a legacy and have impacted this world positively and for me that is success.

Biggest success: 
My biggest success to date I would have to say has been working with wonderful clients and being able to witness the shifts and transformations that they’ve had around their money issues, stories and beliefs. The honour of being present with someone whilst they have a breakthrough or real ‘a ha’ moment is amazing.  There was a time when I wondered if anyone would want or need what I have to offer. I do come at some of the money and prosperity ‘stuff’ from a slightly different angle to other coaches as I come from my truth. I had experienced some resistance and judgement for that from other coaches in the industry and as a result of that I did consider giving up however I’m so glad that I didn’t. I’m currently building my own wonderful community and being able to provide that safe space for people to share their money worries, fears and aspirations has been wonderful. The fabulous clients that I get to work with who resonate with what I share…well thats success right there.

What is your top challenge
 and how you have addressed it? I would say that the greatest challenge that I’ve faced so far is the tech side of the business. I’m certainly not the most tech savvy of people and I’m most definitely a work in progress in this area. Coming from a nursing background I’m much more comfortable with a wound dressing than I am a laptop! The setup of systems and managing the tech aspect of my business has therefore been my biggest challenge. I’ve addressed this issue by investing in my own education and learning what I can in this area whilst also outsourcing particular areas that would be too time consuming for me right now. I’ve had to be really honest with myself about where my own time is best spent in my business which very much tends to be on the creative side of things and the working with clients and have become much better at gaining the support that I need in the areas that I need it the most. As well as my 1-1 coaching programmes I’m now also creating courses so the learning curve is steep but necessary.

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Who is your most important role model?
 In all honesty I don’t particularly have any one specific role model. What I do have is a memory bank full of inspiring people that I have met both while I was nursing and while I’ve been coaching and I tend to take inspiration from each of those. I have met so many interesting people, each of whom have had wonderful stories to tell and when I think of these people I am instantly reminded to live each day, to push past my fears and to make each day count. As a nurse life and death was very evident and present each day and I feel that that has made me determined to live my life now and to choose to feel prosperous right now. I often talk about the magic of life being in the here and now. I truly believe that.


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