Your Name: Luz Garcia-Pennock

Business Name: Lovely Gal Posh, a consulting service to increase employee engagement and performance

Type of Business: Coaching & Consulting

Business Location: Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States

Reason for starting
First of all Thank YOU for allowing me to express with my passion and in honor of my heart beats about my biz story. Burning Flame: Working in corporate America for years was an amazing experience which carved my today. As a Human Resources Manager I loved coaching and training leaders to thrive their authentic talents to achieve company goals. I learned that at times people had a flame that sparked, yet was dimming away because they were not going for their dreams. The realization came to me that I was also one of those leaders with a flame that could one day be gone. No way. I knew that i have always been a dreamer who takes action. Since I was little I have been very determined to reach for my dreams and live the dream. With faith, savings and courage I decided that as my name is Luz (light in Spanish) I was to live my life following my light and passions to support people to follow theirs.

Biggest Success
Living the Dream May 2012 will forever be a day that I define as a dream. I quit my corporate role as a Human Resources Manager to start my own company Lovely Gal Posh. In my company I coach women to be in love with their life voyage; coach and train leaders and teams to be both engaged and high performing. Living the Dream: My biggest success was having the courage to walk into my boss’s office to resign to start my company this May 2012. I felt this freedom beyond words. This is up there with obtaining my degrees and leaving Mexico to have the opportunity of a life here in America.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
My top challenge has been learning about and making irresistible requests that are courageous and feel worthy. I mean asking for partnerships, cooperation opportunities that will support my business growth. I took an audio webinar from Annette Saldana, from the Art and Science of Irresistible Requests, that changed my life in this area. I learn to see requests as witty opportunities and have fun making them. I learned to feel oh so worth of every request I make and to manifest them with a positive attitude and skill.

Who is your most important role model?
My most important role model in life is God as he guides me; I listen and I act in faith. I look for and see the life signs and take faithful actions. My second are Jules and Krystina at Kickstart Kitchen (a business to kick start ideas to biz). They have been great role models on taking quick and courageous steps.