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Name: Marissa Beaty

Business: Feminine Figures 

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.

Industry: Apparel & Accessories 

Reason for starting?
 I decided to create Feminine Figures after seeing an obvious for women to have practical, comfortable, and stylish attire. The generation of girls who grew up wearing leggings are now women entering the workforce! They want the comfort of leggings and the professional look of slacks. Our professionally pocketed design are comfortable, stylish, and did we mention pocketed? All of our professional, exercise, and cotton designs have two hidden zippered pockets on each outer thigh. The pockets are large enough for plus sized phones, keys, pepper spray/safety equipment, chapstick, you name it. We have quite a large amount of diabetic backers interested in them for safely, discretely, and securely holding their insulin pumps and other medications. Feminine Figures is the future of fashion in that it is to help women be safe, comfortable, and confident! We need and want our clothing to help us reach our goals and be comfortable doing it!

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How do you define success? 
Doing something you love and helping others to do the same. To have company growth and product development expand would also be a success. I love my product and I know I’m not the only one who does! Many wonderful friends, co-workers, even women on the streets, have stopped me to ask where I acquired my leggings/slacks hybrid. I would love for women everywhere to look and feel confident, comfortable, and safe. Having our phone, keys, wallets, insulin pumps, and/or pepper spray easily accessible, helps to keep our belongings and ourselves safe, comfortable, and confident. I would love for the company to further expand it’s clothing attire to have more pieces and designs that fit the comfort, practical, and stylish needs us modern women want and need.

Biggest success: 
I would say a goal in my life that I feel brings me great comfort and happiness is completing a service volunteer mission in the United Kingdom for 18 consecutive months. I was able to live in England and Wales, performing service to the UK people and refugees helping them to reach their goals, learn the native language, enrich their family lives, and find success in their own personal goals and futures.

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What is your top challenge
 and how you have addressed it? My top challenge is marketing. I have created a product with a designer here in our Salt Lake City, Utah factory. We hired models, actresses, videographers and developed a wonderful commercial. We have many social media sites created and active to help spread the word. What I lack is the financial funding to help enlarge our marketing needs to get our product in front of those who need and want what we have to offer. I do not have much financial funding to help the business to grow and flourish. I am a young newly wed and most of our funding goes to our own living expenses. I honestly feel like this idea, product, and vision is so enriching and needed, but I do not have the finances to help push it to were it can truly flourish! I would love some help and guidance to help Feminine Figures grow and reach the wonderful women and families that need what Feminine Figures has to offer! I am young, enthusiastic, and willing to learn and do what it needed to help my product to reach its fullest.

Who is your most important role model? 
Oprah Winfrey. I feel she worked hard, lifted herself up to a place of success and used her influence for good, when everyone around her was trying to pull her down.

Twitter   @FeminineFigures
Instagram   @feminine_figures_leggings/[/box_light]

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