Marjie Krupnick

Your Name: Marjie Krupnick

Business Name: Maxxable, a maker of a clip to hold your phone in place

Type of Business: E-Commerce

Business Location: PhiladelphiaPennsylvania,United States


Twitter @maxxable

Reason for starting
I have always wanted to be an inventor of an item that people will use and need even if they didn’t realize it. I had an “ah ha” moment on the train .. One day, while fumbling with bags, a coffee cup and phone on the train to work, I thought why wasn’t there something that allowed me to keep the phone in the palm of my hand so that I could use it without having to hold it like a claw. I looked around me and realized EVERYONE had the very same problem. People were balancing their items on their laps all for the sake of holding on and using their smartphone. I’ve watched people drop their phones while walking, moving through crowds, while in line at stores, on the train, anywhere and everywhere. When they drop their phone there is always that gasp and thought…. * Is it broken? * Did the battery cover fly off ? * Has the screen cracked ? * Did my earphones save the day and prevent the fall ? It’s a sinking feeling.. you’ve spent a lot of money on your phone. It’s your lifeline – all your music, friends, pics and contacts are on that one device. No one wants to drop or break their phone so I set out to invent a device that would attach to the phone and allow people to hold onto it easily and securely. My device is slim, and doesn’t require any adhesive so your phone won’t get messy.

How do you define success?
I feel a bit successful merely getting to this point – a patented product available to the public based solely on my “ah ha” moment. However, the next goal would be to truly have a steady customer base and see that my clip is used by masses of people. If my device saves someone from having their phone break, that would be a success to me. Continuing to create these clips and provide opportunities for others to come with me as we build a company would feel very successful to me – a viable and sustainable company that was developed from just an “ah ha” moment.

Biggest Success
My biggest success so far is having people believe (and purchase) my product. That they understand why they would need this and how it differs form other cases. Getting my patent application submitted felt very successful and a real milestone! Going through so many prototypes and iterations, merely having it produce was a success story.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
I have 2 competing top challenges – 1) educating people about how this device works, differs from cases and why they might need it and 2) just getting customers and sales. The educational item seems easier as I am getting more comfortable talking to strangers about their phones and showing them my clip. The 2nd item is much more challenging and one that I am just beginning to tackle.

Who is your most important role model?
I admire strong women who have a “rags to riches” type history and are self made. Any of the top tech leaders as well as some media personalities. I don’t have just 1 person that I admire.

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