We’re rolling out our picks for this year’s Holiday Gift Guide, which focuses on STEM-inspired goodies.

Business: myBeltBuckle
Product: A belt buckle depicting the Quadratic Equation
Price: $24

A Hungarian meteorologist and maker of belt buckles — that’s Vera Schlanger of myBeltBuckle in a nutshell. Originally a climatologist and scientific translator, she had to reevaluate her career when she gave birth to her first child. In her spare time, she took her love of science and numbers and transformed it into accessories that can serve as the quirky final touch to most any outfit. And what began as a side venture has grown into an international success — which even allows her to “make more money than [she] did as a scientist.”

Editor’s Note: Not all of our judges know the Quadratic Equation by heart (though one did). That didn’t stop any of them from thoroughly enjoying this belt buckle. It’s sizable and rather sturdy; a long-lasting gift for your IT worker cousin to your fashionista friend who is always searching for unique accessories — and everyone in between.

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