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Name: Melany Oliver

Business: Conscious Consultancy 

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Industry: Personal Services

Reason for starting?
 It was a natural progression after years of self development and doing everything ‘out there’ to heal my self sabotaging and destructive patterns. I noticed what worked and what didn’t work for me and realized why so many people are stuck in patterns doing various therapies and not getting anywhere. All my friends and acquaintances would come to me for help. After many intensive training in all sorts of healing and mind based modalities I have now created my own system that works. More importantly because I have been through a lot of darkness, I know exactly where clients are and can guide them into the light once again.

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How do you define success?
 Success is being able to do what you love daily, it’s being able to enjoy your mundane life with your pets and loved ones. It’s being happy with what you have and who you are and most important for me is the ability to guide people through their darkest times. Serving and seeing the joy in client’s faces after they transform their life is what success means to me. This makes me happy and at least I can leave this Earth knowing that I have helped quite a lot of people up until now and hoping to help transform many many more.

Biggest success:
 I had a client who came to me with Lupus, totally unbalanced and unhappy with life, she didn’t want to be on Earth. We worked together for 8 months. I took her through a series of processes, energy balancing, belief work, forgiveness, inner child healing and all sorts. I gave her a tasks and homework and 8 months later… she is healthy, happy, loves her life and NO lupus!! The doctors until today cannot believe it.

Another client came to me with the right side of her body losing her sense, her nervous system was shutting down, she was basically having a nervous breakdown. Doctors said there was nothing they could do. We worked together for 3 months and once again, I took her through a number of processes. She had experienced a lot of trauma. After every week she felt a little better, and yes she regained the whole right nervous system, is happy, healthy, has 2 kids and is thoroughly enjoying life now.

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What is your top challenge
 and how you have addressed it? Working with clients who have lost hope and are completely in the dark, I have to be the light. I have to remain strong and not get carried into their story. I am an empath so I can feel their pain, I used to take on some of their pain so that they could heal but soon realized it’s not my emotions to process. By doing that I was not actually serving them, I have learnt over the years how to hold the sacred space for them to heal in a way that makes them feel safe enough to surrender little by little during each session.

Who is your most important role model? 
Carolyn Myss is one of my top role models. It was her book Anatomy of the Spirit that truly opened me up almost 10 years ago now and I continue to follow her work. She walks her talk and her work touches your soul on a level that most new age healers out there do not. She continues to be one of my biggest inspiration.

Instagram   @melany.oliver

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