Your Name: Miriam Christof

Business Name: JustJump Marketing, a social media service for businesses and brands

Type of Business: Marketing & PR

Business Location: Wellesley, Massachusetts, United States

Twitter @miriamchristof

Reason for starting
For almost 10 years, I worked in marketing for a global IT consulting company, responsible for their digital and print marketing. 3 years ago, they decided to send me to the US to start a new business unit, mainly focussed on business development. Very soon I experienced the boundaries my creativity faced within this company. It was time to start something new, even if I never started a company and lived in the US for only 1.5 years. But I was driven to turn ideas I had about creative, cutting edge marketing into reality. This was the birth of JustJump Marketing.

How do you define success?
Success for me is not defined by money. It is defined by the passion to align our strategic consulting with the vision our clients have for their business. Success means to fully support this vision and make a difference in our clients operations.

Biggest Success
JustJump is a very young company and our biggest success is fine-tuning our business strategy to the industry needs. This resonates so well with our clients, that we are about to sign a three-year contract with our biggest client. And this although everybody told us, that companies don’t sign 3-years contracts anymore.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
6 months ago JustJump Marketing grew 100% when my business partner joined the company. The biggest challenge for me was a shift in responsibilities and communication. I was no longer alone but had to organize my working style in a way that meeting results and strategic planning can be shared easily with my business partner. Since we’re very busy right now, our biggest challenge is knowledge exchange in an effective and efficient way. We have a weekly face-to-face meeting and take one full day every 2 months to work on strategic projects. We also use Skype on a daily base for quick information exchange.

Who is your most important role model?
I didn’t grow up with a specific role model, but I studied Sheryl Sandbergs working style quite a bit and learned a lot from her. One of my favorite quotes is from her: ‘Women have to learn to take a seat at the table.’