We asked women social entrepreneurs to tell us about a gift they make that supports a cause, helps save the earth or raises awareness of an important issue. See the full list in our ‘Gifts With a Mission’ Guide. Today we feature:


‘Christmas Milk’ Gourmet Eggnog

Christmas_Milk square Product: Gluten-free eggnog

Price: $4.99

Website: christmasmilk.com

Christmas Milk Eggnog is not produced in the North Pole but it has certainly won the favor of Santa’s helpers. The self-proclaimed “Elves’ Favorite Drink,” comes out of Frisco, Texas, where CEO (Chief Elf Officer) Heidi Fausel manufactures the creamy holiday beverage. Fausel conceived of the product after her adopted foster son requested a drink he had tried before that “tastes like Christmas.” Only after days of trial-and-error did the parents think of eggnog and, upon tasting it, the son exclaimed, “That’s it!” He called it Christmas Milk and the name stuck. Now, Fausel donates a portion of all sales to agencies who match children in foster care with permanent homes. The eggnog is seasonal but her company has expanded to ice cream, sold all year round.

Editors’ Comment: It could be the heartwarming story or the great cause, but this eggnog was one of the most amazing eggnogs we’ve ever tasted. Try it with coffee if you’re nice or nutmeg and whiskey if you’re naughty!

Learn more about Heidi’s story here.

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