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Name: Monika Yadav 

Business: Dream Handicrafts 

Location: Gurgoan, India 

Industry: Apparel & Accessories 

Reason for starting? I have an IT background, and I have a MCA and MBA. I always have had a hectic lifestyle and demanding job, and since childhood I have had a desire to contribute in social work directly or indirectly. When the entire world is struggling from global warming and looking towards usage of natural sources, I came across the idea of replacing plastic bags with Jute bags. I started this initiative with women based in Kolkota, where material to make Jute bags was easily available. The organization is now 2-plus years old, and through selling these bags we are helping the women who make them economically. Dream Handicrafts is trying to bring to reality the dream of an eco-friendly society that cares for Mother Earth. 

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How do you define success? Success cannot be measured in bank balance figures to me. I measure it based on the satisfaction I receive while doing my work. The smile and shining faces of kids and families working for me. Nothing can compare to that feeling. Bank balances are definitely important, but that is secondary. The world we are living in is very beautiful and God has created it so meaningfully, but we are destroying natural resources and destroying nature. We all need to contribute a little and to make this drive successful. 

Biggest success: Our biggest success to date is getting the very idea to start the company and then map out the path of execution. When I got my first bag created and it reached the shop, it was a feeling of immense joy and satisfaction. The products were highly appreciated and liked by buyers. I transferred the funds to poor families that had been working to make the bags. When they called up to thank me and their children came with a bunch of flowers to say thanks because they had been able to start their school, these were very emotional moments in my life, and it cannot be put into words. 

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What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? Our top challenge is sales and marketing and reaching the right forum. I seek support in that. I have found social media as the best medium to start promoting my organization. All ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Who is your most important role model? My role models are my mom and dad, who always made me learn nothing is impossible and to never give up.

Twitter    @jutedream 
Instagram  @jutedream[/box_light]

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