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Name: Mridula Agarwal

Business: Soul Care Hospitality & Wellness Pvt Ltd

Location: Mumbai, India

Industry: Food & Beverage

Reason for starting? Soul Care as a concept was started to offer a healthy, low calorie, nutritious and homey kind of meal to all the individuals, working couples, senior citizens or anyone else, who have no alternate avenue for the same than to cook themselves. This is the main foundation and concept of Soul Care. As a concept, this came to me through personal suffering and struggle. It was during my MBA days that I actually experienced the notoriety of mess food. It was during these 2 years, I realized the importance of healthy, homey and simple meals. Something which was an understated non-glamorous subject earlier. Post my MBA, I had a stint with Corporate, which was an eye opening experience to me. The entire schedule and working pressure makes you compromise on your health and on what you eat. People inadvertently tend to eat outside food, daily, as they don’t have time and energy to cook for themselves. It was this experience, which consolidated my research and I knew that I should take the plunge!

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How do you define success? My definition of success is the ability to translate my vision, as it is in my head, into a reality and to be able to channel it into steady stream of financial and personal growth. It comes with a hard effort and ability to break out of your own mental barriers.

Biggest success: Our biggest success to date is the appreciation and response that we have received from our customers, both retail and corporate, and it is this positive feedback that has kept us going in the difficult times!

What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? Our top challenge as an enterprise has been to align and streamline the efforts of sales, marketing, operations, third party vendors and logistics and financial goals into one constant and continuously performing loop. Always one factor is out of the equation and makes the entire chain go topsy turvy. We have learned to keep standby resources, have accessed our thresholds and tried to be more communicative within our organization.

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Who is your most important role model? My most important role model has been my father, who himself went through this arduous journey of being an entrepreneur and raised a family of 3 kids a wife, supported his parents without letting us feel the heat of his agonies.


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