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Name: Nance L. Schick

Business: The Law Studio of Nance L. Schick

Industry: Professional Services

Location: New York, New York, U.S.

Reason for starting: I knew going into law school that I was a non-traditional student with entrepreneurial aspirations. During my studies, my desire became stronger. Although I appreciated the legal education I was getting, I didn’t want to be confined to the single-focus practices that offered me jobs. I had my own minor league hockey agency at the time and was representing a handful of players. I was also involved in a lawsuit against my former employer. I was getting the full view of the judicial system, and I saw its limitations, much as I saw in business.

I knew there was something more, yet I knew I needed to get some experience before launching my own holistic, integrative practice (which I could not have named so accurately back then). I came to my first post-graduation interview in the New York City area on September 11, 2001. Suddenly, there was a sense of urgency that has never left me. For this reason, I took the leap to start my firm when it was first presented on June 23, 2003. Since then, I have continued to educate and expand my emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual capacities to serve my clients and the world. My book is the latest offering in service of my vision for a more unified and peaceful human race.

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How do you define success? As I told Franne McNeal in my interview with her last fall, every happy client is a success story. I love reminding people of their greatness and seeing it take form. I know that not everyone can see their opportunities, and I am out to take the blinders off for them and give them a map, if necessary!

Biggest Success: My biggest success so far has been maintaining a profitable business for more than 12 years. It has come with sacrifices that I don’t want to keep making. Consequently, my next big success will be another 12 years in an even more profitable business that allows me to give more to the people in my life. I don’t want to settle for having all I want but not all at once!

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? My top challenge has been me, which is embarrassing to admit. Intellectually, I know that I am capable and smart, yet I don’t always feel like I can do anything worthwhile. An Advanced Course Leader at Landmark Worldwide once said, “Feelings are not a reliable test for reality.” I remind myself of that often, especially when I feel like that defective little girl whose father left her, only to be abused by a family member for several years. I’m not that girl anymore, or the one who tried to kill herself at age 19. I have a daily practice that reminds me of this and keeps me focused on what I want to create in my life. I read, attend seminars, create action plans, and surround myself with people who hold me accountable for living a big life. That allows me to do the same for them and others.

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Who is your most important role model? I can’t choose just one. The world is full of amazing people with stories that few have heard, as well as the ones we have. One of my favorite things to do is hear what is being said beyond the words and to connect with those who appear so different from me. I’ve been moved by the woman I did an exercise with in a workshop, my dry cleaner, many immigrant taxi drivers, clients, friends, family members, and even the young man who assaulted me on January 19, 2014. I guess that means my most important role model is Humanity. Or Love. Which some say is God.

Twitter   @nschicklaw

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