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NancyVictor_YSEName: Nancy Victor

Business Name: Make Woo, a service to promote romance and intimacy

Type of Business: E-Commerce

Business Location: San Antonio, Texas, United States


Reason for starting
I want to help my sisters take control of their romantic lives and become as fulfilled as they deserve – because life is too short and we aren’t getting any younger! As a long time business owner, organizational leader, community activist, public speaker, wife of 25 years and mother of two teenagers, I am a passionate advocate and spend a great deal of my life inspiring women to feel empowered. I started my new company, Make Woo to improve the lives of my sisters. The forgotten, women who are 40+. We are professionals, business owners, organizational leaders, volunteers, wives, mothers, girlfriends, etc. We wear so many hats and rarely put ourselves first. Consequently our romantic lives suffer – and frankly it’s still important to us. But even though we are often the bread winners, and make the majority of buying decisions the brands don’t market to us when it comes to being sexy. I’ve started a Woo Revolution because we’re here, we’re still sexy and we matter. Make Woo delivers “Unexpected Sexy Fun” right to the door of our Woo Women every other month with our Box of Woo subscription. The box focuses on making the whole woman feel special, beautiful, pampered and sexy with items that promote romance and intimacy. Each brand represented in the boxes have stepped up to say they care about our demographic and we make it a priority to seek out women owned business with products made in America.

How do you define success?
We are so hard on ourselves as women. I’m no different. As a business owner for over twenty years some would say I’m already successful. For me, I won’t reach that level until I’m asked to speak to business leaders across the country about my businesses.

Biggest Success
To see if there was an interest in my idea I did an anonymous survey and sent it out. Within 15 minutes I had over 250 responses!

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
Access to capital remains the biggest challenge. I’ve addressed it by taking it a little slower than I would have liked. This has worked out because it gives me time to test and learn. Additionally, going grassroots for marketing will create a stronger foundation of passionate advocates of which to build the brand on.

Who is your most important role model?
My daughter, Storm. I often describe her as “all that AND a bag of chips.” Because of her I push myself further than I ever thought I would go and keep on doing it. This is because a wise mentor once told me that I am not honoring her if I do not live up to my fullest God given potential.

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