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Name: Natasha Dzurny

Business: TechnoChic, floppy disk coasters

Industry: Design, E-Commerce, Clothing & Accessories 

Location: Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S.

Reason for starting: It all started with a box of floppy disks that were too old to use, but too awesome to get rid of. One day, I had the idea to make them into coasters – I could showcase their awesomeness and make them useful too. TechnoChic is all about infusing technology into decorating and decorating with technology. My goal is that each of my creations is loved by geeks and totally chic. I’ve always been a maker. Then my friend told me about Etsy –it was so easy to transition into selling the things that I made that it was practically a no brainer! How empowering!

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How do you define success? When a customer sends me a photograph of one of my items in their home and they show me that it has a real place in their life, it makes me so happy!

Biggest Success: My coasters are one of the geeky accessories adorning the set of CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory.” If you watch the show, keep an eye on the side table next to Sheldon’s spot.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? I am the whole business. My toughest challenge is remembering that it’s not just about creating, but budgeting and paying bills too! I use lots of reminders on my calendar to get me through! Product development is also something that I am working on, I would like to turn many of my products into kits so that my customers can learn by experiencing the process of making the coasters themselves.

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Who is your most important role model? My Mom. She’s a school teacher and has taught me, by example, to go above and beyond even when no one’s looking and to share what you learn with a kind encouraging heart.

Twitter   @TechnoChicShop

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