Neetu Sharma wanted to do something meaningful with her life and to leave a positive impact on this world. Using her background in education, she founded the National Institute of Education in Ghaziabad, India, with the mission of helping train women to become teachers. After almost a decade in business, she has helped over 700 female teachers find placements in schools and universities across the world.

Sharma’s story, as told to The Story Exchange 1,000+ Stories Project:

I had a dream to do something that would stand out in society and make a mark, since my experience was from an educational background. I started training programs for women, where I aim to bring women from difficult situations and to help them fulfill their dream of being a teacher. After 8 years, I have made a mark, helping around 700 teachers to get placed in reputed schools across the world. I have witnessed so many situations where I have had to help these women fight the odds to showcase their talent. Every success of one of my students becomes my own success and motivates me to work hard. My work is my passion, and I feel privileged to do this work. I want to help these women be the best and to prove, not only to others, but to themselves that they are the best and nothing is impossible.

I believe success is when you are honest with your work. One needs to enjoy their work in order to achieve their dreams and goals. You need to be focused. When you see your business growing monetarily and through the people you help, that is success. Keep aiming high as the sky. Think smart. Expand your horizons, and you can achieve what you aim to with a positive attitude. Be happy and let others be happy too. I aim for being positive and happy, and that vibe just changes the whole ambiance around me. Goodness attracts positivity and success. Today nothing is impossible for me. I feel so blessed, and I call this a success.

“Every success of one of my students becomes my own success and motivates me to work hard.”

– Neetu Sharma, founder of The National Institute of Education

My biggest success is my achievements — my three branches, being voted one of the best study centers, and our 100% placement record. My students’ success is my strength. Their hard work becomes a part of our hard work, and that is why I call us family. The National Institute of Education is my achievement. Here in our institute we motivate and inspire people.

My biggest challenge has been to prove that women should not be taken for granted. I have faced this problem time and time again as it is a man’s world and women constantly have to prove their worth. I have been threatened, but through determination I stood up to the challenge. I knew I was not wrong so I never got scared in taking this risk. Men can’t always see a woman’s success and, even in today’s world, society has improved a lot, but many men are still set in orthodox ways. We’ve got to fight for our rights. It’s challenging work, but I love taking on new challenges and striving to be the best in proving myself.

I have many role models, but if I were to name just one it would be Gandhi. I love the way he started his fight alone, but then made everyone a part of the movement. His determination and attitude make him the father of the nation. He inspires me. I also admire Mother Teresa, she lived a very simple life but pursued good deeds. I always share this advice with my students: Be humble and honest and don’t change yourself for others.

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