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Your Name: Neha Modgil

Business Name: Techved Consulting, a business consultant and design solution provider

Type of Business: High Tech

Business Location: Mumbai, India

Reason for starting: I started this business out of an urge to strike a balance between my personal and professional life. Being a woman, it is always quite challenging to play multiple roles in life. I wanted that flexibility to manage my family and profession efficiently. So I took  my expertise in user experience design to another level, where I could explore my creativity and fulfill my dream of earning worldwide recognition and trust from people. To bring honor and pride to my family is also one of the reasons why I started; it feels amazing to give your spouse, children and your loved ones something in return for their love and faith in you.

How do you define success? I see success when my company has 100% growth year on year with at least 30% profit. This hard earned profit gives me a feeling of attainment and accomplishment. It comes only after having fulfilled the promises that we make to our customers. Bringing a smile to their faces gives me a sense of achievement.

Biggest Success: I feel honored by our trustworthy and loyal clients. They call up to say that they are ready to wait until our team is free, and they are sure that they want to work only with us. This shows how much they rely on us for the work we present to them. This is surely one of the biggest successes I have made, in gathering and retaining people who have faith that we will deliver the best. Knowing that people bank on us and come back to us every time is a big success for us.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? We started off the business offering user experience and usability services to our target audience; sales emerged as the topmost challenge. Clients wanted lower costs, but we maintained our standards of high quality, which meant a high price for that quality. We were convinced of the quality of our product, and we were finally able to convince our clients that our work was worth the price.

It gets challenging to balance family and business, especially when you are playing wife, mom, and director of an organization all together. But I always make sure this balancing act never gets in way of any aspect of my life. My most recent challenge is a 3 month-old baby who I bring to the office. It’s always like walking on tenterhooks–I don’t have a clue if he’ll let me finish my meeting without his interference.

Who is your most important role model? Like any daughter, I owe plenty of credit to my mother in helping me walk these long miles. Undoubtedly she is my most important role model; I see her as a teacher who has taught me discipline and tenacity. The values she instilled in me have inspired me to keep going with a “go-getter” spirit and to battle my fear of failure. Without her inspiration, it would have been very difficult to achieve this success so smoothly.


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