Hey there, women business owners — looking for a way to start the work week efficiently and make sure you’re caught up on the most recent news? We at The Story Exchange are here to help! Below, we’ve gathered some of the most pressing bits of information for any busy female entrepreneur (is there any other kind?) who’s looking to stay informed on what’s happening with women the world over.

Take a lunch and settle in with our round-up of pressing headlines, from politics to healthcare, and from the encouraging to the troubling (and everything in between):

Hillary Clinton Launches Presidential Bid
(Source: Anne Gearan for The Washington Post)
“Everyday Americans need a champion. And I want to be that champion.”

The Strange Tale of the First Woman to Run for President
(Source: Carol Felsenthal for Politico)
“Even more amazing is that she [ran] almost 50 years before the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920 gave women the right to vote.”

China Frees Detained Women’s Rights Activists
(Source: Josh Chin for The Wall Street Journal)
“They are not completely free. At any time in the next year, the police could take them away again.”

In a Spanish Enclave, Women Recruit Women to Join ISIS
(Source: Lauren Frayer for NPR)
“What’s unique about these girls is that according to Spanish officials, they were not aspiring ISIS brides — but rather, master recruiters for the militant group.”

Saudi Women’s Small Steps on Path to Progress
(Source: Barbara Plett Usher for BBC)
“Girls have not had any exposure to any type of movement at a young age so whenever they come into the gym it’s like … teaching a baby how to walk.”

Female Finalists to Be the New Face of the $20 Bill
(Source: Ben Rooney for CNN Money)
“We believe this simple, symbolic and long-overdue change could be an important stepping stone for other initiatives promoting gender equality.”

How Two Ambitious Women Found Success With a Cause-Driven Company
(Source: Sumi Krishnan for Entrepreneur)
“When women are driven by passion and compassion, they can do great things.”

It’s Time to Give Canadian Women More Options When it Comes to Birth Control, Experts Say
(Source: Adriana Barton for The Globe and Mail)
“Many women are still roughing it when it comes to birth control because of health policies that limit access to contraceptives.”

Legalizing “Post-Clinic” Abortions in South Africa Could Help Thousands of Women
(Source: M. Sophia Newman for Next City)
“Some have called the issue a crisis — albeit one that a quick, safe change in the law could help resolve.”