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Name: Nicola Arnold

Business: Enkindle Life Coaching

Location: Farnborough, United Kingdom

Industry: Personal Services

Reason for starting? My own coaching journey is marked with a sense of achievement as I realized how much I had grown as a person. I had uncovered insecurities and vulnerability lifting them to the surface so I could face the demons I had carried along with me for such a long time. My friends commenting how much I had blossomed, even wearing color – a big thing for me. Black had always been my color, I felt safe in it and blended into the background. I felt compelled to add a splash of color and found myself sitting up straighter and interacting more. I could walk down the corridor looking around rather than with my eyes focused on the ground. I felt confident. It was quite a transition. Launching Enkindle meant I could help others like me. I now illuminate the path of possibilities for individuals ready to overcome self-doubt and connect with their real values. I nurture and champion women to help connect them with their inner confidence and stand in their own spotlight to feel happy in their own skin.

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How do you define success? Success to me is about being in the present moment. Of connecting to what is going on in my mind and body. To truly feel alive. From here anything is possible. If I have self belief, strength and courage – there are no limits. In terms of my coaching if I can help others to feel happy in their own skin, just as I do now – then that’s what makes me smile and realise that I have done what I set out to do.

Biggest success: In 2016 I launched the Happy to be ME hub. It’s a safe and supportive online community where we champion each other to become our very best selves. It’s about helping each other to be sure that every step is a step in the right direction, knowing that they can be happy in their own skin. I also started a new initiative to share my message with the world. I want to share the many benefits of having a positive mindset and have a concept called the promise box. I take it to every talk I do, most recently at the Museum of Happiness in London, and encourage participants to sign up to make a promise to themselves to focus on their wellbeing and make one small change over the next month. So far the promise box has helped over 300 people make lifelong changes that support their mental and physical wellbeing. I also write for Huffington Post and Thrive Global on mindset, wellbeing and gratitude.

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What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? I am incredibly passionate about what I do. At the moment I still work full time as well as run my business and so time is precious and must be utilized efficiently. Comparison has definitely been a stumbling block along the way. There is a tendency to compare myself to others who do similar things to me and so this can impact on balancing work and life as we continue to chase the next milestone.

What I have realized is that comparison is the thief of joy. I now stand tall in my own space, celebrating who I am at my core and enjoying my own journey of success. From here I radiate authenticity and model the values of honesty, happiness and integrity that are important to me. I find this is why people are drawn to working with me.

Who is your most important role model? Brene Brown is a huge hero of mine. Her work on vulnerability and courage speaks to my heart and has helped shape the person I am today. It’s amazing how self doubt can have such a hold on us isn’t it? It makes us feel low or worthless, like we’re under achieving and just stuck. Unsure of where to go next, what decision to make – will it be for the best? Your body feels tense, tired, headachey and fragile. It’s almost like we’re a lesser version of our former selves. I’ve been there I really have and its grueling. What I have learnt is that ultimately thoughts are not facts! I’ve learnt how to shrink and mute my self doubt gremlins and channel my confidence. Now I listen to my inner champion instead. The stronger me who is capable of everything I want and more

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