The Story Exchange, Nicole Rivers, One Third TribalYour Name: Nicole Rivers

Business Name: One Third Tribal, a global store for eclectic and artisanal home goods & personal accessories

Type of Business: Design/E-Commerce/Home & Housewares

Business Location: Jersey City, New Jersey, United States

Reason for starting
I started One Third Tribal so that I could connect with people. I believe that my purpose is tied directly to my ability to help people be happy, and to see and find beauty in the things around them. The styling services I provide allow me assist clients in creating spaces and events that reflect their individuality and their perspectives on beauty. I wanted to provide a platform that allow people to connect to each other as well. If by purchasing an item from my shop that is vintage, or “previously loved,” or handmade by designers and traditional craftsman, a client is made aware of a culture, or design technique they previously had little knowledge of, that to me is success.

How do you define success?
Success is creating a lifestyle for myself and my family that reflects my passions and purpose. Success is financial freedom and stability, so much so, that I am able to give generously to others. Success is inspiring others through my journey.

Biggest Success
My biggest success involving my business thus far was winning the ‘Plan and Pitch’ competition hosted by Rising Tide. My five miniute informational business pitch was chosen as the best out of about 30 contestants.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
My top challenge is driving traffic to my online shop and turning that traffic into sales. By participating in promotional activities like: temporary fairs & markets, pop-up shops, discount coupons and codes, and consistent social media updates I’m slowly raising brand awareness and increasing website traffic.

Who is your most important role model?
My father. He is the first person who ever spoke to me about the possibility of being an entrepreneur. He is one of the most positive and resilient people in my life.