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Name: Dr. Nina A. Figueroa, PT, DPT

Business: Base Physical Therapy, PLLC, physical therapy rehab

Industry: Medical

Location: New York City, New York, U.S.

Reason for starting: I have always wanted to start my own rehab practice, especially one that emphasized one on one patient care. I believe that individual attention has been lacking in the medical industry; but here at Base, we found a way to grow a business without sacrificing quality treatments. Base has also given me a platform to move forward on projects I have always been passionate about, such as concussion management. We are working hard to create one of the first concussion rehab programs in the New York.

My decision to begin working with concussions stems from my affiliation with the University of Pittsburgh (UPMC) where I was introduced to breakthrough concussion analysis and research. As once a soccer player for Virginia Tech, I have experienced injuries that included a handful of mild concussions. Female soccer players have been categorized as having one of the highest concussion rates. I believe that the concussion program we are creating will change the way we view concussion management.

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How do you define success? I believe the greatest form of success is one that allows us to be an inspiration. I’m surrounded by people all day. I’m constantly interacting with my patients, with my staff, and other colleagues; If I can live my life knowing my actions, my choices, and my character have in any way inspired someone else to follow their dream…I believe that is success.

Biggest Success: My biggest success came from taking the risk of starting a growing business. I am passionate about sports, and physical therapy has allowed me to work within that industry – helping and healing others. Base PT has been open for over a year, and within the first 4 months we were operating in the green. My success also parallels each patient that enters our clinic. Much of our business is generated through referral, meaning our patients trust us to care for their closest family and friends.

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What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? My top challenge is most likely the same for most medical professionals…the insurance. It is what ultimately allows my business to keep running, but it comes with its obstacles. With multiple insurance carriers and different plans, and its ever-changing nature, insurance management requires the ability to adapt. I’ve been able to overcome this by being prepared. We make sure the business is prepared financially as well as ensure each patient is informed of their plan and responsibilities.

My goals for Base PT are to initially expand within New York City. I would like the business to have multiple locations in order to better service its New York residents. I also would like to expand the business without sacrificing the quality of patient care, by continuing to use the model of personalized one on one treatment. I also foresee Base PT as one of the leaders in orthopedic rehabilitation and concussion management as we provide individualized and effective evidence based care..

Who is your most important role model? My role models are the strong women in my family. My grandmother was once a dean in a nursing college in the Philippines. She is almost 90 years old and continues to consult with programs regarding nursing curriculums. My mother has overcome many obstacles as a first generation of our family to come to the US; establishing herself and raising four successful children. My sister is on the cusp of receiving her PhD in environmental science, all while working full time, and raising two children.

Twitter   @baseptNYC

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