We visit Wild Harmony in Exeter, Rhode Island, where owners Rachel Slattery and Ben Coerper practice regenerative farming.

Oink, oink! We head to Wild Harmony, a family-owned farm in Rhode Island that raises livestock — its signature product is organic pork — in a regenerative way that’s designed to benefit the environment. “Our pig production is really special,” says Rachael Slattery, who co-owns the farm with husband Ben Coerper. “They’re not stressed, they’re not hungry all the time. They’re healthier, happier animals.” The couple raises their Berkshire pigs from piglets to porkers using rotational grazing and cover cropping. The regenerative farming methods help restore soil health and reduce the impact of climate change by keeping carbon in the ground. The end result? Delicious pork preferred by James Beard award-winning chefs. “Having one of our pork chops is just an out-of-body experience,” Slattery says.