Our Small-Biz “Get a Life” Panel

Our accomplished panel of experts offers advice on how to run a successful business and have a life too.

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It’s summer and half the world seems to be at the beach. To help you find time for summer fun, we invited an esteemed group of experts and entrepreneurs (see their bios below) to share their best advice for having a life while also managing a successful business.

During our 1,000 Stories research project, we’ve often heard women entrepreneurs say that work-life balance is a top priority for them. But we know achieving it isn’t so easy when you’ve got a company to run. For seven weeks, our panelists will answer a new question on a work-life theme. Click below to read their sage advice.

The Columns

The Panelists

Anne-Weisberg Anne Weisberg is senior vice president for strategy at the Families and Work Institute. She is co-author of “Mass Career Customization: Aligning the Workplace With Today’s Nontraditional Workforce” and has written extensively on women in the workplace. Anne was previously a managing director at The FutureWork Institute, director of diversity and inclusion at BlackRock, and director in talent at Deloitte LLP. Anne is a graduate of UC Berkeley and Harvard Law School. She and her husband live in New York and have five children between them.
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Crystal-Arredondo Crystal Arredondo is 2015-16 board chair of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and a partner at MPACT Financial Group, an independent wealth-management company in Dallas. Crystal, who was born and raised in Germany by military parents. She became a financial advisor and specialized in retirement planning after seeing firsthand the difficulty of her parents’ transition to civilian life and small-business ownership in Texas after retirement. Crystal especially enjoys helping women and business owners make decisions that support their financial independence. She has served on NAWBO’s national board for 3 years.
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Emily-CoueyEmily Couey joined Eventbrite, a global marketplace for live events, in 2011 to lead the company in all things related to people. As of 2015, Eventbrite has grown to approximately 500 employees, known as “Britelings,” in eight offices worldwide, and sells tickets in more than 180 countries. Prior to joining Eventbrite, Emily helped emerging biotechnology and technology start-ups grow to be successful public companies. She has a passion for talent cultivation, building companies that last, and creating a meaningful work environment.
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Garnett-NewcombeGarnett Newcombe is co-founder of CEO Real Talk, where she and co-founder Kay Woods share successes and challenges with other small businesses in how they grew million-dollar businesses. Garnett is also co-founder and CEO of Human Potential Consultants, an employment company that works with persons with disabilities, veterans and persons facing extraordinary challenges in obtaining employment. She has received numerous awards and was recognized in 2011 by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) as one of 100 businesses that have created at least 100 jobs. Garnett is an author, wife, mother, grandmother and a sister to 11 siblings. Family keeps her grounded and focused.
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Kimm-AlfonsoKimm Alfonso is director of seller development at Etsy, where she and her team work to help Etsy sellers succeed on their own terms. Kimm leads the team in crafting thoughtful seller educational materials via video, email, blog posts and in-person events. She’s also a long-time Etsy seller herself. Prior to her role at Etsy, Kimm spent 10 years as a graphic designer. She founded the New York Etsy Team in 2007, bringing together the community of local sellers and creating a forum where sellers could address business obstacles collectively. Kimm has a degree in art history from Boston University, where she minored in women’s studies. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.
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