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Paula Sweis spent over a decade working in a number of different industries before she decided she wanted to settle firmly into the financial services sector. Sweis believes her creative side (she’s the author of three books), her ability to carve out new niches within existing industries, and her motivation to hit self-determined milestones, sets her and her business SILVERWEISS International apart in her field. Today the Los Angeles, California-based entrepreneur is continuing to look for the right partnerships while also figuring out how to structure her business in the most effective way possible.

Sweis’ story, as told to The Story Exchange 1,000+ Stories Project:

I started SILVERWEISS International, a strategic advisory firm, because I found markets as a service provider where I could combine both my passions and talents – and expand upon them. I believe business is about timing and I took action when I saw it was right. I certainly have a passion for finance and management consulting. I started my professional career early-on in my life with a good decade of business experience in different industries including financial services. Although I’m qualified professionally in the financial markets space. I’m coming with a lot of sales and personal experience to this business, along with creativity. Which I think is very important. 

I define success as the mindset and energy of forward thinking and movement. It’s being disciplined and focused. Success is putting action, effort and focus into work. It’s seeing the target (mentally) before you hit it. Success is giving. It’s the value you bring to people. I think it’s absolute integrity. 

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I put a lot of emphasis on mindset and how it plays a major role in business success. That’s what moved me to write my first book, Mindstate of a Winner, which discusses what I think the definition of success is, in several different aspects and greater detail.

I have scaled my lending business SILVERWEISS Capital from 10k starting the first two years to $50M in closed deals in the past three years. As I continued to expand my network and gain more knowledge in financial services, that includes the Blockchain industry, a niche I found I could provide real value in. I eventually partitioned my business into two sub-sectors. 

Capital is a partner to alternative lenders and investment banks including Bear Stearns. It is capable of financing projects from a $25,000 unsecured line of credit to a $500M private equity deal. Private or public. Small to large scale businesses no longer have to rely on traditional banks for business capital. Clients can benefit from the less intensive qualifications and fast capital. Financing solutions include: LOC, SBA, Equipment; Invoice; Inventory and Accounts Receivable, Commercial Real Estate, Securities backed, M&A, Credit Repair and more. Advisory provides strategic planning on how businesses utilize the blockchain for business growth, capital and solution. In particular for the real estate and financial services market. 

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I am also a passionate, non-fiction writer. I have completed three books that will publish this year. One about self-development. The other two are business books including an Introduction to the Blockchain. Where I explain how Blockchain can, is currently and will impact your financial future. Whether it’s a publicly traded company, large or boutique private firm, or your personal finances. 

Business is certainly about partnerships. My top challenge was identifying the right strategic partners early-on in my business. I addressed it by focusing on the individual of said company and building the connection. Understanding their values and business needs. In order to meet each other half-way or come to a conclusion on how we can work together. 

My mother is my most important role model. She’s the strongest person I know. One of my biggest accountability partners and counsel. Her life was a testimony to strength and will-power. Which, in the business world, is a requirement. 

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