The Story Exchange, Paulette Mpouma, The Africa Memory Game
Your Name: Paulette Mpouma

Business Name: The Africa Memory Game, a maker of an educational board game about Africa

Type of Business: Children’s Goods & Services/E-Commerce/Social Enterprise/ Education

Business Location: Laurel, Maryland, United States


Reason for starting
Educating my own children about the continent of Africa, and letting them know about their cultural heritage.

How do you define success?
Success is been able to be recognized nationally without losing yourself in the process. Been known locally first by your local government as a life-changer and model for stay. At home mom. Also nationally been successful by selling your products or services to businesses and also government institutions. Internationally been able to give back where we came from, as a small business I am reinvesting part of the benefits in women in Africa. This is helping a community back home too. In summary success is been able to change your life by changing the life of others through your skills, your ideas and your way; putting people together in order to give the best to everyone. But as well been able to bloom through the process and be satisfied by the fruit of your work.

Biggest Success
Securing some contract of sales in Africa. 300 games sold in Republic of Congo, 200in Nigeria, 50 in Cameroon. Also securing contracts with Smithsonian Museum, Du Fiel Museum, and DuSable Museum.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
Getting fundings, to renew my inventory.