Peggy_McHale_TSEYour Name: Peggy McHale

Business Name: Consultants 2 Go, LLC, a marketing management and analytic consultant company

Type of Business: Other — Marketing Consulting Services

Business Location: Newark, New Jersey, United States

Twitter @Consultants2Go, @PeggyMcHale

Reason for starting
As veteran marketing executives at American Express and AT&T, my business partner, Sandi Webster and I had established ideal careers, but during the recession-ridden post-9/11 economy, we became corporate lay-off casualties in late 2001. With our loss, we recognized a more urgent demand in a niche market for tenured contingent labor by companies making similar cuts. Marketing departments in large corporations are comprised mainly of young female managers and executives and it was always difficult for us as executives to find temporary replacements when our managers took maternity leaves. At the same time, many senior managers and executives with over 20 years of experience were being laid off. Our idea was to utilize the seasoned managers to cover resource gaps in these corporations, either for maternity leaves or as supplemental staff when a full-time resource is not needed.

How do you define success?
That I achieve the goals for my business while supporting my family and community.

Biggest Success
Sandi and I have established client relationships with over 20 major companies and managed and expanded our company’s consultant network to experts and professionals internationally. In one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression, we have navigated our business to double-digit rates of growth and wrote a book about our experience, Black and White Strike Gold: Practical Nuggets to Grow Your Business from the Women Who Launched Consultants 2 Go, a Multi-Million Dollar Company, which was published in November 2009.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
One of our greatest challenges has been the rapidly shifting paradigm in the consulting industry that happened in 2011. Due to government regulations regarding the use of contractors/consultants, the industry has moved from a 1099 management consulting world to a W2 employee-based, contingent labor model. To meet the demand and changing business model, we created and launched a new division of our business, C2G Resourcing. This wholly-owned subsidiary gives us the ability to provide C2G marketing and analytic employees to corporations.

Who is your most important role model?
My mom is my role model. She had a successful real estate business when most women were not in the workforce.