We are living in a time when everyone is expected to do more. The economy continues to force businesses to run leaner (i.e. your job requires you to do the work of at least two people) while technology makes everything more efficient (i.e. you’re always accessible and able to do what’s required, and if you’re not, there’s an app for that).

Credit: freedigitalphotos.net
Credit: freedigitalphotos.net

At the same time, our social activities and social media expose us on a minute-by-minute “newsfeed” basis to things that we could do better or have more of.

We feel like we’re running a race to catch up with others who (we think) are ahead of us. Our productivity at work, at home, with our families, in our finances, in our relationships, could all be better, further along. This is when we start judging ourselves and develop anxiety– which, guess what?–steals the amazing life energy and positive attitude we need to live and lead optimally.

Stop the madness, or what I call in my TEDx Talk, the “internal revolution” happening in the minds of women today.

The truth is that you are the only person running in your race, because every individual person on this planet has their own unique life purpose and path. When you compare yourself to others, you’re actually competing with someone who is running in a different race with a different life plan and purpose.

Read on for two simple, but powerful, habits to cultivate positive habits that will serve you on the days when you feel like you’re falling way behind and can never catch up.

Celebrate Your Wins: Start a daily practice (in the morning or at night to reflect on what was successful), or even a weekly practice (Sunday nights can be a good time to unwind) to journal what you did get done or wins that happened. Did you get invited to participate in something exciting, submit that big proposal, help a friend in need? Anything productive makes the list. When we stop to journal, think and feel all that was accomplished–we feel impressed with and good about ourselves. Let that rock star energy carry you through the day or week ahead. The trick is to celebrate what you did get done and not dwell on what didn’t.

Know that Everything Is in Perfect Order: If something has not gotten done or worked out (emails that haven’t been sent, losing a job or client, another disappointing “no”), know in your heart it was not meant to happen at this specific time. From the hundreds of women I have interviewed and my own experiences, what I know for sure is that rejections, disappointments, fears and all those ugly feelings are meant to be here now to give us something better later. Whatever you have right now (and do not have) is perfect for where you are in your very own personal race.

At this very moment, I hope you feel blessed with knowing that you have more than enough within you to succeed.

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