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In today’s world, positioning is everything. Expert positioning is one of the fastest ways to increase business and become the go-to authority in your field. Because of the Internet and social media, it’s not as difficult as it was 10 years ago to develop your reputation as an expert — but it does take lots of work.

Here are four simple ways to establish yourself as an authority and build your personal brand at the same time:

1. Become an author. After writing my first book I had no idea how much in demand I would be to speak to groups. Publishing is a great way to claim authority in your field. Once you have the title of “author” you will be surprised at the authoritative way people perceive you.

2. Learn from books (and experience). One of my mentors used to tell me, “There’s a time for learning and a time for practicing.” A true expert needs to have both expertise (book learning) and experience (real-world practice). Too many people spend too much time doing one or the other. You need both!

3. Speak in public (as often as possible). Speaking is another opportunity to establish yourself as an expert—so accept every chance you’re given to present. You may want to consider hosting a seminar or workshop. Sharing insights, concepts, ideas, lessons and information means you deliver value. It’s really powerful if clients/customers actually hear you speak, but it’s just as nearly beneficial if people know you regularly speak on your chosen topic.

4. Teach a class. One of the greatest benefits of teaching is that the teacher learns more than the students every time. Classes can be taught locally or online. It’s a great way to position yourself as an expert and immerse yourself within a community of individuals that are eager to learn and hear about your topic.

There are many powerful reasons to position yourself as an expert. Remember, by raising your profile you’ll also significantly widen your reach and impact. It’s a smart business decision.

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