Premise_Martin_1000storiesYour Name: Premise Martin

Business Name: PEDI-LICIOUS LLC, a maker of supportive flip flops

Type of Business: Coaching & Consulting; Health & Beauty

Business Location: New Jersey, United States

Twitter @mypedilicious
Facebook pedi-licious

Reason for starting
A little over two years ago, on Thanksgiving Eve, I was laid off from my job as an AP Analyst for The Weinstein Company, home of Bob and Harvey Weinstein. With time off, I planned to attend a family event. Four hours before the event was to start, I stopped by my local nail salon to get a pedicure. After a 2 1/2 hrs treatment and constant scuffing of my toenail polish while shuffling from the foot tub to the dryer & having to repolish, I was behind schedule! If not for leaving salon with those complimentary paper flops and paper towels on my feet, I would have been VERY late. I made the event, late, explaining & still upset by the salon mishap, I proclaimed ” it’s gotta be a better way”! I awoke the next day with a design in mind for my product, newly known as the “Pedi-Flop” sandal-flop, created by the company becoming known as Pedi-Licious LLC. “A perfet pedi’s cure & more”. PL dream, create, believe & succeed!

How do you define success?
I define success when you have a vision and follow it through no matter what odds may come against you. Along the way you may stumble, fall and you get back up again and continue on your journey. When you get that feeling that you are almost there and the worries of how do I get to this one or that are inturn brought to you by mutual meetings, makes your journey a little shorter your and your victory a little sweeter. Though all may not yet be written in stone, just reaching a milestone you had once only dreamed of achieving, now having conquered is a success of it’s own. Each step you take to make your dream come true and when you overcome one step to take the next, you have been successful every step of the way.

Biggest Success
The Secret to my biggest success to date has been taking the vision God and the Universe (the secret of willing our desires to us) have provided me with faith, ambition and the drive to follow through with the start of my company PEDI-LICIOUS LLC. From my vision of my first product, the “Pedi-Flop” sandal, to choosing the name of the company, to applying for a Design Patent and having it ISSUED and meeting one of the most influential businessman here on earth has been a huge success. Success can only grow if you allow it to so I will not cap it by stating only the aforementioned as my biggest for I feel the BIGGEST is still yet to come.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
My top challenge being in business thus far has been with Manufacturing. People take your kindness for weakness and when they know you are new to the industry, they mistreat you in many ways. Over charging for product production to not living up to the standards promised. I have experienced a lot of this over the last two years, but still I press on. Never give up. I have depleted my IRA, for “without risk how can you reap the rewards.” Though I never intended to do so, it had to be done. For doing so, I was able to do a soft launch of my product. I was overwhelmed by the response and want to move forward. Finding a new manufacture is how I addressed matters and by doing so has allowed me take what was once was a challenge and make a change which I welcome with open arms.

Who is your most important role model?
My most important role model is One who awakes me from my sleep everyday and gets me started on my way. One who guides me through life changes good and bad. The One who says “Well Done”, when I have pleased. One who let’s me know I am never alone. One who is always by my side good or bad. The one who has protected me and planted seeds for greatness in my mind. One who has a business of trillion plus employees. My most important role model is “Great One Divine”.