Business: Wow Fitness
Location: Hyderabad, India

Industry: Healthcare, Wellness & Fitness

Reason for starting: I had an unusual weight gain of about 32 kilos (70 pounds approximately) during pregnancy, which I needed to shed. That’s when I started looking for a women’s gym and as a result joined almost every women’s gym in our locality. The fitness regimes there were not up to any standards. It was a very generic approach and didn’t seem to be effective. Back then, I didn’t know what would have been effective, but I was sure that I wasn’t on the right wellness path. My own weight-loss journey taught me that for women, weight gain is affected by several factors like body types, hormonal imbalances, pregnancies, menopause, stress issues, fertility concerns etc. I thought it would be awesome if I could build a solution around this gap in the market for the right kind of women’s fitness by setting up an exclusively female wellness space.

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How do you define success? Inspiring and helping women to get fit had been a constant meter of our organization’s success since day one. Apart from that, there are more than 100 success stories of women who have made their health better and boosted their fertility levels, by improving on their hormonal health, through the customized regimes we have given them. Girls who had childhood obesity have lost tens of kilos from their bodies in a very short time with the fitness regimes we have given them.

Biggest success: If you are a woman reading this, then you know what kind of a pain it is to suffer a miscarriage or severe hormonal issues. Whatever medical treatments women undergo, doctors often advise them to change their lifestyle, to follow a healthy diet and follow a good fitness regime. When ladies visit our gym and are in such need of getting back into great health, we often see miraculous results in many of them within 12 weeks. It is even more of a success for us when these ladies become mothers and they credit us for their lifestyle, diet and workout regimes. The success stories we have from our clients, this makes us feel more content with our work.

What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? Launching our new concept with our customers was a challenge. We hosted sessions for clients, where we demonstrated the new concept with scientific revelations and substantial updated information. We have worked around women with hormonal issues and organ health issues and most of them are obsessed with weight loss goals because they thought weight loss is an answer to many such imbalances.

We got quite a few of them out of that notion and made them believe that losing weight will not make their periods regular, but instead getting their periods regularly will make them lose weight. So by focusing on the PCOD or thyroid issue in their wellness regime first, we said, that is when the weight loss would be a by-product and also a sustainable one. We did this initially through our awareness sessions and then time and time again through our successful clients.
Who is your most important role model? My grandparents. My grandmother… My Ammama, who is 80 years old is this traditional woman, but she has been a very wise woman when it came to health advice. She has sculpted my family into strong and healthy individuals. A lot of advice from her inspired me to design awesome diet regimes for my clients and has led me to where I stand today.

My grandfather, my Thaatha (telugu translation for grandpa) is 86 years old and in great health. Until the last two years, he drove my kid to her play school everyday, and even today he uses his glasses only for reading (honestly, I haven’t exaggerated). I took a lot of time to look at how our ancestors lived; so healthy, long and strong! Finally I arrived at the wellness concept that creates a middle path for wellness between the age old traditions and the modern lifestyles.


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