Announcing the The Story Exchange’s 2018 Women Entrepreneurs Resist List

Some are calling 2018 the “Year of the Woman.” A historic number of number of female candidates are running for office. The #MeToo movement has sparked an international conversation on sexual assault and gender inequality. And many are becoming newly outspoken and feeling a keen urgency to — finally — change the status quo.

Against that backdrop, The Story Exchange has named seven outstanding entrepreneurs to The Resist List — a list that spotlights a diverse group of women whose products or services are designed to help other women, or whose workplaces go above and beyond to support women’s success.

As a nonprofit media company dedicated to women entrepreneurs, we believe women helping women can lead the way to a more inclusive future. When we put out our call for entries in April, we heard from scores of women around the world who are resisting social mores that have so often held women back. We made our final selections based on the strength and impact of the entrepreneur’s mission, as well as the sustainability of the business itself.

We hope this list inspires anyone, regardless of gender, to use the power of business to make a positive change in the world. Be sure to check our special page for The Resist List as we unveil a new profile each day over the next 2 weeks.

Sarah Walsh, Caffe d’Amore Coffee Company: Schooled by tough experiences, Pittsburgh coffee shop owner Walsh has created a post-#MeToo workplace where everyone is welcome and mutual respect is a way of life.

Martha Silcott, FabLittleBag: Silcott’s London-based business FabLittleBag aims to eradicate period embarrassment, selling purse-friendly biodegradable bags for disposing sanitary products.

Brittany Rose, More Than Cheer: A former NFL cheerleader, Rose of Ashburn, Va., is on a mission to dismantle disparaging stereotypes about cheerleading and make it a tool for empowering girls.

Paula Clark, Punky Moms: From her home in the U.K., Clark runs an alternative parenting group for intersectional feminists who are interested in baby food, onesies and overthrowing the patriarchy.

Rita Robert Otu, Beau Haven Farms: Otu is helping rural women in Southern Nigeria grow and sell vitamin A-rich cassava — and showing them a path to economic independence in the process.

Uma Gautam, HeadPro Consulting LLP: Bangalore-based Gautam’s “women-centric” headhunting firm is making a difference for working women in India — and, soon, in other Asian countries as well.

Kirsten Curry, Leading Retirement Solutions: A former fisherwoman, Curry runs a Seattle retirement-planning firm that aims to raise an alarm about how many women are ill-prepared for retirement.

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