Jersey City after Hurricane Sandy. Photo: [flickr] Night-thing
Has your business been affected by Hurricane Sandy? The Story Exchange is based in New York City and our offices and homes were without power all week. We sympathize with everyone who has suffered as a result of the storm. Below are some resources and organizations that may be able to offer you help.


The New York City Economic Development Corporation is coordinating resources for businesses that have been affected by the storm, including emergency loans, short-term office space for displaced businesses and other services.

– has a page dedicated to Hurricane Sandy Business Recovery Information

The state of New Jersey is offering assistance for self-employed in affected counties.

The IRS is extending tax filing deadlines for individuals and businesses affected by Sandy in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. provides information on how you might be able to get help from the government before, during and after a disaster.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has a page dedicated to Hurricane Sandy and resources available.

The Small Business Administration disaster recovery efforts provide loans to rebuild and recover for businesses and homeowners. If you have been affected by Sandy visit to learn more and apply.

Occupy Sandy is a coordinated relief effort to help distribute resources and volunteers to help neighborhoods and people affected by Hurricane Sandy. This resource is focused on individuals rather than businesses, but might prove helpful to some.

Business Services

A number of small business owners wrote in to us offering help in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

– Brooklyn-based MOD Restoration, run by Hanny Lerner, is offering a 30% discount for those who wish to reupholster and/or refinish any furniture that was damaged in the flood. Alternatively, if you wish to sell the furniture, MOD will give you an offer to buy it, so we can restore it and give it to people in need. (Hanny’s story of starting and building up MOD is coming up on our website this week.)

Grasshopper, a virtual phone system geared toward entrepreneurs, is offering business affected by Sandy a free three-month Grasshopper account to help keep your business open and connected.

The Fresh Diet is offering discounted meals for small business owners in the tri- state area. By using the promo code ‘Sandy’ small business owners can get 3 meals and snacks delivered for $24.99 today (usually $44.99).

– Melville, New York-based FalconStor Software is reaching out to local Long Island business colleagues by providing them with free interim workspace. The company is offering desk space along with phone, fax and Internet use to local businesses affected by the recent storm. See more on FalconStor’s outreach post Sandy.

– NYC-based SEIDBET Associates Career Coaching is offering discounted or pro bono outplacement assistance to businesses who need to lay off numbers of people as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

Imprinsic Marketing Group, a South Jersey marketing agency, is giving away a complete website optimization package for a month to any small business affected by Sandy in South Jersey.

– Kowalli is offering 2 free Kowalli Baby Carrier Covers (retail value $69 each) per retail outlet to distribute to customers/local parents in need. Plus free drop shipping on orders from stores in the tri-state area. Offer is good through Thanksgiving. Call 401.580.9644 or register at their wholesale website.

PRHelpingPR is an effort to connect PR pros who are in need of office space due to the storm with firms who can offer extra desks, computers, wifi, coffee etc.

Four Clowns Game And Toy Co, LLC, is offering discounts on its online game Codigo Cube Trivia and will donate the proceeds of online sales to help families affected by Sandy.

If you know of any additional resources or services that should be included here, please let us know in the comments section below.