The National Women’s Business Council, which provides advice to the President, Congress and the SBA about women’s business issues, has a new website with some handy links for women looking for help starting and expanding their businesses.

They have what they’re calling a women’s business info tool where you can find information and resources on small business loans, developing business plans, getting finance or capital, winning contracts and other advice at no or low costs.

Enter your zip code and you’ll be linked to all the federal and local resources available to you in one easy to manage place.

They also have a category called ‘other’ where you can enter specifically what you wanted information on, but that didn’t get me anywhere really (if anyone else has a different experience, please let me know)

And just a reminder, if you have any questions that you need answered about starting or growing a business, we have a team of business experts from all fields on standby who are eager to help. There’s no sign up so go ahead and submit your question.