Rinku Jain, Recroit Consulting Solutions Pvt Ltd, The Story Exchange, Recruiting, IndiaYour name: Rinku Jain
Business name: Recroit Consulting Solutions Pvt Ltd, a recruitment consulting service
Type of Business: Coaching & Consulting/Recruitment Services
Business location: Andhra Pradesh, India

Reason for starting
It was the need that had prompted me to start something on my own. My family needed my support financially and I had to take the call. Since my baby was very young and I didn’t have anyone to take care of him I had opt for something that I can be flexible with rather than working with some company with fixed timings. So had started working as a freelancer in HR recruitment and thereafter started “Recroit” from home with one PC hired on rental basis. Prior to this I didn’t have much experience in recruiting and had supported my family (my husband was bed ridden) doing odd jobs. Had learnt recruiting from a very close friend of mine who took an hours session and thought me the art for sourcing the right candidates and since then there was no looking back…

How do you define success?
I would consider myself successful when I would see that glitter in the eyes of my Son, my parents, my friends and last but not the least myself that would say “we are proud of you”…the day my employees would feel that “Recroit” is the best company to work with and they would be my partners in business rather than employees…the day I would be the motivational factor for many children, women who would look upon to me as an example…that day is very far and yet to come… this would give me that immense peace that I am looking for and that is what I call as success.

Biggest success
miles to go…

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
Lead generation is the biggest challenge that I am facing. With thousands of recruitment consultancies around and many companies having there won recruitment wing , getting into a company is always a challenge. The competition is fierce and the companies already working with many consultants are unwilling to even talk to a new vendor. Presence in Networking meets, social media, seminars etc… are making us visible to a certain extent.

Who is your most important role model?
Dhirubhai Ambani,the man behind Reliance group, who always said “Dream Big,” is a thorough businessman with great foresight..Kudos to him.But on the personal front I adore my Dad,for being a great human, great dad and a great business man.For someone who had started with Rs.100 to now a well known name in the Jewelry business , he definitely is a self made man with great business ethics..repetitive business from his clients since 3 decades talks loads about him. A true inspiration he is.