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Name: Robin Pulewitz

Business: The Relentless Group, LLC, a maker of accessories for plus size women and big and tall men.

Industry: Clothing & Accessories

Location: New York, New York, U.S.

Reason for starting: I’d worked in luxury retail management for over 15 years by the time I went shopping for clothes for my big and tall boyfriend. When I came home to hang up his new clothes, all of the shirts had shoulder bumps and the jackets were falling off of the hangers. I tried to find big and tall hangers, but there were very few choices available. After talking to my boyfriend about it I came up with the name Well Hung Hangers. Then I came up with Dream Big Hangers for women with curves. I now carry regular, petite, plus and big and tall hangers. They are perfect for athletes, big guys, closet fiends, and people who appreciate luxury.

How do you define success? Doing what you love. Waking up thinking of things to do, talking to new entrepreneurs and making money doing it!

Biggest Success: When I started out, I was doing this part time, but it was a real crossroads. I had been running multimillion dollar departments for others;  I could have gone back to a paycheck every week and wonder, “what if?”, or do this for myself. Everyone encouraged me to take the plunge, and it paid off. I’d say my biggest success was being picked by the curators of The Grommet to be featured in a video. Having people from all over the country understand the need and buy my product, as well as being featured in The New York Daily News were fun successes too.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? Balancing inventory, money in and money out and getting the word of Well Hung Hangers and Dream Big Hangers out into the world.  The plus size industry is a $17 billion dollar business; brand awareness is key. I want to be the official hanger for the NFL, NBA and MLB sports entities. 

Who is your most important role model? Tory Johnson, who I’ve met a few times and Bethanny Frankel who I haven’t met yet. Both very “real” hardworking women.

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