Your Name: Roslyn Cruz

Business Name: Seams Karmic, a designer of children’s clothing

Type of Business: Clothing & Accessories

Business Location: North Carolina, United States

Reason for starting
Seams Karmic developed from a constant lack of time to shop for my children’s clothes. Every time I turned around my oldest son needed new socks, new shoes, new pants, etc. It was/is a never ending cycle. I began selling my son’s outgrown clothes to offset the cost of upgrading his sizes but I began to see the real hassle in that. I’d have to pack the kids in the car, wait in a line, & hope that the clothes I waited an hour to sell were bought by the store.

One day I was reading about online consignment, but I noticed a lot of moms having an issue with what was being done (or lack thereof) with the kids clothes they were sending in to these online consignment companies that weren’t purchased. At that moment, I knew I could build an online Kids Clothing Consignment Company that would serve busy moms not just in providing easy, hassle free shopping & selling of kids clothes, but in donating kids clothes as well.

How do you define success?
I view success two ways, as a mother and as a CEO. As a mother I would define success by my ability balance my life. Success is not sweet if you’re either too busy to appreciate your accomplishments or too busy to quite your mind and take time to share love and time with the people that matter the most.

In my eyes as the CEO of a company for parents by parents, I view success through the ability to help as many moms and dads as possible save time, save money, and save the planet. At the core of our company lies a passion for service, quality, and charity. Each time we can provide all three elements to each customer’s experience, well then, we’ve succeeded!

Biggest Success
So far our biggest success has been gaining so many fantastic and repeat customers who truly value our company’s mission and our work to make their lives and the lives of other parents easier. We love making life simple for parents all while connecting them to an eco-friendly, charitable way of shopping for kid’s clothes.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
When you start a business almost everything is a challenge and every day requires hiking boots for the next mountain to climb. Seams Karmic is no different. We face challenges ranging from choosing our suppliers to unfortunate server down time. One of our top challenges though, and it’s one we’re tremendously thankful for, is space. We’re growing rapidly and we’re realizing just how much space we don’t have. Our growth has required us to quickly locate and acquire a larger office and warehouse designed to increase our effectiveness and efficiency. It’s a beautiful challenge and one that we are working every day to address. We have started ground work on building a much larger space with a modern layout so that we will have room to grow as Seams Karmic blossoms into a household name.

Who is your most important role model?
Oprah is a tremendous role model for me. She’s powerful, confident, energetic, but also compassionate, thoughtful, and giving. She personifies characteristics I see within myself.