The Story Exchange, Sandra Leon C, Gold Lion PeruYour Name: Sandra Leon C.

Business Name: Gold Lion Peru S.A.C., a manufacturer of cotton and alpaca garments for babies, children, and women

Type of Business: Clothing & Accessories/Design/Social Enterprise

Business Location: Lima, Peru


Reason for starting
It all starts with the family business, 15 years of experience in the textile and fashion sector, thanks to the knowledge gained from my parents. Adventure, entrepreneurship, risk addressed. “Unique opportunity to satisfy a specific market niche” I was over International Business at the Better School of Business in Peru, ADEX, and then, experience in X, M, when the idea popped up in my head: EXPORT. The family business had several years positioned in the children’s clothing brand in the local and national market, but not export, and they did not have the necessary interest to undertake it, bring it into fruition. Difficult decision: continue the family business or be independent. GOLD LION PERU was born with an export order. And the story begins from there, from the start working on what we do: “handmade with love” cotton and alpaca garment for babies, children and ladies, and all kind of uniforms.

How do you define success?
To achieve success, one must have stepped on every rung of the ladder, among many falls and downs. In addition, it’s a must: To have VISION–in every aspect–objectives and specific goals in their deadlines. All this, taking and sweating leader.

Biggest Success
Be part of CBI Training EXPRO 80-Outerwear. My company was one of few selected companies and received full training for export to Europe in Rotterdam, Netherlands (headquarters of the CBI). Every successful participation in PERUMODA-like exhibitor.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
The top challenge is not only to follow on the market but rather checking certain trends, fashions, styles, show at international fashion fairs and receive acceptance of our target market.It is therefore vital update us in all fields especially in design and quality control.

Who is your most important role model?
Personally, I receive 3 strong powers; one of these, is Goth who illuminate my road. Then, the perspective of my parents is fundamental, because they introduced me in the fashion business, and the best, who better than them to know and judge me. Finally, I try to see the things as natural as possible, or the people or people or beings more modest who with their simplicity and modesty inspire me.