We’re rolling out our picks for this year’s Holiday Gift Guide, which focuses on STEM-inspired goodies.

Business: The Vexed Muddler
Product: Biology clay jewelry
Price: $20-$40

You know you have a unique business on your hands when its founding was inspired by studying the evolution of pathogenic bacteria in human and plan hosts. Peggy Muddles, also known as The Vexed Muddler, used knowledge from her day job in a genome center to create hand-sculpted clay jewelry. She started by making custom gifts for colleagues, then quickly found a wider audience of doctors, chemists and more through Etsy. “I’ve always needed a creative outlet outside of work hours,” she notes. And in her jewelry, she has not only found that, but a profitable venture as well.

Editor’s Note: At first glance, one might not realize what they are viewing when looking at Muddles’ crafts. Yet even without context (or preexisting knowledge of bacteriophage viruses), our judges are confident that you’ll adore her necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Each product is made with obvious care, formed into detailed representations and painted in vibrant colors.

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