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Name: Dr Shashi Pandey & Rama Pandey

Business:  Infinite Mobility Technology LLP

Location: Delhi, India

Industry: Marketing & PR

Reason for starting: After retiring from a successful career as a Primary school Principal, I got into the habit of learning new things every day. During one of my mother’s vacations in the United States, while surfing on the internet and watching online videos she noticed some random messages, videos, and pop-ups every now and then on her computer screen and smart phone. It drew her attention and motivated her to research more on what exactly these pop-ups were. This is how she came to know about digital marketing and advertising.

Being a tech enthusiastic and meticulous in mathematics and economics, she wanted to know the monetary value hidden behind digital marketing. She told me about her research into the topic, and that’s how we ended up in the business of digital advertising & software development together. When both decided to go for Infinite Mobility, the rest of the family was really encouraging and ready to help.

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How do you define success? Success means a lot for both of us. We’re sure, every one wants to do something valuable with their time. But when it’s comes to actually executing an idea, 80% quit. Of the 20% who try, around 18% fail and only 1-2% achieve success. We both wanted to convert our experience and skills into success. My mother wanted to use her retirement and voracity to learn and turn it into something constructive. I wanted to use my cheerfulness and interpersonal skills in the organization’s growth. This combination is working and we’re on.

Biggest success: We’re hiring mainly women and retired people and training and utilizing them as per our company’s culture. We’re open to hire from any field of occupation and take the responsibility to train them. We both believe there’s an engineer hidden in every person. Like us, we’re a family of engineers… But we are doing excellent things in the technology business as well… So our theory is, everyone is an engineer. We polish them and make them a skilled person. Any individual who knows how to use computer (even a little bit) is a useful asset for our company.

We are a bit picky in choosing the team members. We focus on the person who naturally fits in our organization’s culture. We have setup some hiring policies and while interviewing we try to judge if the job seeker is really ready to take on a new responsibility and fit into our company’s home-like culture. We do put more preference and focus on bringing in female and retired workers.

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What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? The right resources really made a difference, but the challenges of finding the right resources are tough. After all people are working for you. If you don’t get the right people you’ll fall apart. When you’re women, people will say… are you serious about it? Convincing the people around me was a real challenge. And then the age we started the company at was a bit challenging. People expect you to rest and sit home.
Who is your most important role model? For me, my mentor is my husband, who is working as a banker, as well as my father and my techie son, who recently joined the company as CEO of Infinite Mobility. My mother is the family’s matriarch and has always inspired myself and the entire family to follow in her footsteps.

Twitter   @imobilitytech7

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