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Name: Siddhi Nawani

Business: Blisaura

Location: Bangalore, India

Industry: Travel, Hospitality & Events

Reason for starting: Is entrepreneurship my passion or a reason to skip the routine that had confined my life to a cubical for 8 hours a day? I really don’t know. But the reason behind Blisaura is very clear; it’s my selfishness! I wanted to be happy, to be precise, very happy. I was working for others, I was working to become successful, make more money, and I was always in the race of being better than others. But in Blisaura, I am working to achieve satisfaction and happiness, and I am achieving it through spreading happiness to my customers, employees and shareholders. Success and money will eventually follow it.

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How do you define success: There are many ways to be successful, but very few ways to be satisfied. For many people being rich is what being successful means. But that’s not me! According to me, being satisfied is what being successful means. Satisfaction comes when you do what you want to do. Applying this philosophy is tough when you are working for someone else. So, Blisaura! I am more satisfied than ever before and I don’t think any well paid secure job can provide me that.

Biggest success: Within a year, we were recognized as the Most Promising Startup of the Year 2016. This is the biggest achievement during the initial business journey.

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What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it: Building a business from your dream, from an idea, was very challenging and still is. But step by step progress is making the hard journey sweet and also leading towards increased motivation.

Who is your most important role model? My Grandfather, who has always taught me to be pure in my thoughts, sweet in my words, help others, have a clear focus and be passionate about whatever you do.


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