Shakira continues to beat the drum for curbing the worst effects of climate change. (Credit: World Economic Forum, Flickr)

Curbing the worst effects of climate change isn’t impossible, says Shakira. But “it requires many of us, plenty of commitment and determination, and we need to raise awareness towards that.”

The Colombian artist used a recent interview with Glamour magazine — the cover feature of its first environmentally focused edition — to emphasize the need for both education and action on climate change. Between anecdotes about recent viral incidents with wild boars, the Grammy-winning musician stressed to readers the critical nature of curbing the worst effects of climate change. 

“[W]e need the commitment of governments, the private sector, civil society in general, teachers, students, everyone, celebrities,” she says. “We all have to really discuss this and create a debate in society that makes us all aware of what’s at stake.”

She added that she feels especially galvanized into action on behalf of her children. “Seeing them so worried, so concerned about the planet and how they can make this a better place has been so inspiring to me as a mother,” she told Glamour. “As a parent, I want to make sure that they will live in a world that will be better than the one I grew up in.”

This is far from Shakira’s first foray into the climate change fight. In fact, she was honored by the World Economic Forum in 2017 for her longtime efforts as a Sustainable Development Goals Advocate. More recently, she has been working with Prince William on the Earshot Prize, which awards cash prizes to those developing innovative solutions to climate chaos.

Until greater action is taken, it’s a battle she intends to continue fighting. “We are citizens of humanity,” she said to Glamour. “We need to really provoke fast change in order to preserve our home.”