Georgia governor candidate Stacey Abrams with voters
(Credit: Stacey Abrams’ Facebook page)

Stacey Abrams’ star isn’t just rising — it’s skyrocketing. 

She became a national figure during her 2018 run as a Democrat for governor of Georgia — a contentious race she ultimately lost to Republican Brian Kemp. After that loss, which many say came, in part because of rampant voter suppression efforts, she launched Fair Fight, a nonprofit that fights to ensure voters’ rights in the Peach State and beyond.

Georgia’s critical role in the 2020 presidential election shone an even brighter light on the work of Abrams and other in-state organizers, especially since Fair Fight is credited with registering over 800,000 new voters. Praise poured in from scores of grateful citizens, as well as celebrities and prominent politicians on both sides of the aisle.

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Now the question becomes: What’s next for Abrams

The answers are varied, but all of them signal big things ahead for her. Many speculate a cabinet post is on the horizon for her in President-elect Joe Biden’s administration, likely in his future Justice Department — if she’s not named the head of it, that is. When asked about her future prospects in the weeks leading up to the election, she said she was focused on a win for Biden, and that “I will make my decision once those opportunities actually manifest themselves.”

When we spoke with Glynda Carr, co-founder of Higher Heights, she told us that “regardless of what she decides to do — be DNC chair, run for office, continue to start and expand organizations, run for governor — we’re rocking with Stacey Abrams.” Carr, also the CEO of the nonprofit that engages and elevates Black women in U.S. electoral politics, added that they have been supporting Abrams’ career since day one — and will continue to do so. “This election cycle is not over, and it’s not up to us or me to determine what her next step is. But whatever it is, we’re there, ready to support.”

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Regardless of what prospects lie ahead, Abrams’ already has plenty to do — especially leading up to Georgia’s January runoff elections for two U.S. Senate seats that could sway majority control from Republicans to Democrats. Plus, since Fair Fight’s founding, her work grew beyond it and into efforts like her Fair Count push to promote completion of the 2020 census, and directing the Southern Economic Advancement Project, which works to bring economic empowerment to underserved communities.

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There is one other thing the next year will definitely hold for Abrams, though — a book. Publication is not a new thing for her, as she’s released numerous works of fiction under the name Selena Montgomery. Her May 2021 release will be a thriller, “When Justice Sleeps.”

Senior staff writer Corinne Lestch contributed to this article.