Longtime professional stylist and media personality Stacy London says she’s acquired State of Menopause, which sells products for people experiencing symptoms of menopause. (Credit: Stacy London, Steve (Flickr), Wikimedia Commons)

Stacy London is trying the role of CEO on for size.

In a recent Instagram announcement, the longtime professional stylist and media personality — perhaps best known as the co-host of TLC’s “What Not to Wear” — announced that she has acquired State of Menopause, which develops and sells products for people experiencing symptoms of menopause. 

London explained that this “big career pivot” of hers was not just a business decision. When she began to experience perimenopause several years ago, “there was no one around to tell me what to expect. I didn’t know how I would change, how I would look, or what I would feel.”

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The company initially approached her for beta testing purposes around that time — she says she “jumped at the chance, because I felt like somebody was finally listening to me.”

The opportunity to up her involvement in State of Menopause arose about 7 months ago, London added in her announcement. Once again, she acted quickly, because “this is not the kind of company we leave behind.”

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London hopes to make menopause a more widely discussed topic through her work — a drum she’s been beating for awhile now — to reduce the shame and stigma that surround it, and to give people “having agency over what’s happening to you.”

She adds, “I know that menopause is hard, but it isn’t hopeless.”

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