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Name: Stina Wahlqvist

Business: Penclic , sleek keyboards and mouse pads

Industry: High Tech

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Reason for starting: We started creating a new standard, Design and Ergonomics, to fit into the consumer market. It goes without saying that you know you are in for a big challenge. Traditionally, ergonomic products are not praised for their “beautiful” design – just for the purpose they serve. We wanted to change that. We saw huge potential to help people and still provide fantastic looking products that are functional. We wanted to find that balance. To me this vision is clear.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family it was a natural path for me to follow; building our own company, not hesitating and knowing the effort that it would entail. As a business leader I continuously try to learn from other people to grow this company in the best way with our team. Team work is the key to success.

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How do you define success? We want the growing Tech market to accept ergonomic and beautifully designed products for both end-consumers and businesses. To help alleviate the people who suffer from RSI, through more attention to sustainable products that do good for the growing number of people in front of the computers all day, is another huge goal. We want the number of suffering people to continuously shrink!

Biggest Success: Our every day work with taking Penclic forward, building this great company and making a difference for people in front of the computer.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? Any product development company knows that getting the products right, at the right price point, is a big challenge. When you set out to provide high quality at the same time, there can be some headaches.

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Who is your most important role model? Fredrika Bremer, a Swedish writer from 1800 who was one of the driving forces for women’s human rights and the right to vote. To challenge the norm and fight for women’s rights is, to me, very admirable and has to be acknowledged.

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