Geefunding_crowdfundingCrowdfunding is an invaluable resource that has given female entrepreneurs the opportunity to leverage their networks in order to raise crucial startup capital — money that women have traditionally had a tough time accessing in the past through other means. That’s why we’ve discussed its merits in numerous articles.

In honor of what crowdfunding has meant for female entrepreneurs, we also launched a column earlier this year that has published every other week since. Its purpose: to highlight campaigns from women business owners who are running ventures and making products that are unique and significant to their respective industries.

Our bi-weekly celebration of women-led crowdfunding campaigns:

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – From Beer and Pasta to Apps and Empowerment
These women are seeking money for ventures and products that could (if funded!) make lives easier, healthier and a bit more exciting.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – From Boxing Gloves to Fitbit Fashion
Learn about five female entrepreneurs who are leveraging their networks to fund products and projects focused on feminine power.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Food, Glorious Food
These crowdfunding campaigns were put together by female entrepreneurs hoping to take their delicious projects and products to the next level.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – There’s Something For Everyone
Today’s column celebrates female entrepreneurs who are raising money for businesses in a wide array of industries.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – From Pin-Ups to Gluten-Free Buns
The women business owners behind these five diverse campaigns are celebrating idols, bodies, good health and more.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Getting People Up and Outside
This edition of our crowdfunding column focuses on female entrepreneurs who are facilitating safe, healthy and active lifestyles through their ventures.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Glimpses Into Other Worlds
These crowdfunding female entrepreneurs are showing people the joys of Northern Ireland, soy candles, healthy sexuality and more.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Here Comes the Sun
This time, our column looks at campaigns for products and services that can help folks enjoy the warmer weather.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Financing the Future
This time around, our column on women-led crowdfunding campaigns highlights female entrepreneurs who aim to make the products of tomorrow.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – A World of Creativity
This week’s column highlights female entrepreneurs from across the globe seeking support for artistic products and visions.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Sunshine, Swords & Lollipops
These female entrepreneurs are raising funds to take their diverse businesses to the next level.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Bolstering Communities
The latest edition of our crowdfunding column looks at entrepreneurial efforts that bring people together.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Helping Hands
These enterprising women are using their talents and businesses to benefit others.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Good, Quirky Fun!
Our latest batch of crowdfunding female entrepreneurs is working hard to realize unique venture visions.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – A Small Ode to Change Makers
Our most recent column on female fundraisers is all about efforts and initiatives that promote empowerment and inclusion.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Back to School
These female money-raisers are working hard to educate others through their efforts and products.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Life (and World) Improvements
In this edition of our ongoing column, we’re focusing on female entrepreneurs who are making positive changes, big and small.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Cafes, Cards and More
We’re looking at the campaigns of several fun, funky female entrepreneurs in this edition of our ongoing crowdfunding column.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Passion for Fashion
Our latest crowdfunding column features some particularly stylish female entrepreneurs.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Welcoming Spaces
These crowdfunders are not only giving people a physical sense of community, but a community built upon shared ideas as well.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Creature Comforts
The latest edition of our ongoing crowdfunding column looks at women business owners raising money for products that promote relaxation and good health.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch — Goats, Chainmail, Hockey and More
These women business owners are raising money for ventures that specialize in farming, fashion, food — and everything in between.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Festive Fundraisers
We’re spotlighting campaigns from entrepreneurial women with products that promise to lift us up during this special time of year.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Fresh Starts
These crowdfunding female entrepreneurs recently launched campaigns. Check out what they’re up to, and start 2016 on a charitable note!

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Books Galore and More
The female fundraisers in the latest edition of our crowdfunding column are involved in all sorts of interesting projects.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Creating Connections
This edition of our crowdfunding column celebrates women who are using their unique ventures to express themselves and reach out to whole communities of people.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Artsy, Crafty & More
In the latest installment of our crowdfunding column, we look at campaigns from female doll designers, beer brewers and techies.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Springing Into Action
Spring is coming, and that has us excited about the budding efforts of these enterprising, crowdfunding women.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Around the World
Today’s roundup of women-led crowdfunding efforts features female entrepreneurs who hail from all corners of the globe.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Lifting Women Up
This time, our column highlights efforts by women, for women, that are intended to make them feel stronger, happier and more secure.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Homemade Wonders
Our latest crowdfunding column is an all-natural mixed bag of unique goods sold by women.

5 Crowdfunders to Watch – All About Builders
Our latest crowdfunding column highlights women who are constructing tools, games, fun spaces and much more.

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