Your Name: Susan Heaton Wright

Business Name: Viva Live Music, a provider of live music for private and corporate events

Type of Business: Arts & Entertainment

Business Location: London, United Kingdom

Twitter @viva_live_music

Reason for starting
I gave up a career as an opera singer to bring up my family, and when the time was right I wanted to find a role within the music/entertainment industry which fit in with family responsibilities. I am passionate about live entertainment and the impact on events. I am also aware of how things might go wrong by poor communication and managing clients’ expectations – from my own experiences as a performer. My aim was to provide a great service of live entertainment for clients where they didn’t have to worry about the entertainment side, and that they could enjoy their event. This is still my aim!

How do you define success?
Happy clients; repeat business; recommendations; people in the industry talking about you in a positive way and also feeling proud of my achievements!

Biggest Success
I feel proudest of organising a small orchestra to play at a Garden Party to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee last year at the Goring Hotel in London – where Kate Middleton stayed before she was married in 2011. The client wanted music that would be played at a Queen’s banquet at Buckingham Palace. I sourced this and this was performed on the night. I had thrilled clients!

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
A resource issue: we are a very small team and currently our finances are squeezed. So I have 2 student interns who research markets for the company and in return I mentor them.

Who is your most important role model?
Currently Carrie Green from ‘The Female Entrepreneur Association’ in UK; not only has she had a very successful ebusiness she set up herself, she pushes boundaries and encourages others to do the same by not setting limits. I am constantly inspired to push more and do things outside my comfort zone. Thanks Carrie!